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We interrupt this blog …

Remember when John McCain temporarily suspended his presidential campaign to ‘fix the economy’ and then temporarily suspended caring about the economy to participate in a debate with my boyfriend?

Well, this is sort of like that … if you take outĀ all the parts that aren’t, that is.

Yours truly has to temporarily suspend annoying the Sahars and Sahar-supporters of the world, mocking the masses, decrying this New Great Depression (and its casualties), poking fun at political puerility and delivering dumb bitch of the day deliciousness so that I can temporarily annoy a bunch of other people who, like, pay me cash monies for shit and suchlike.

Don’t hate!
But only for a little while šŸ˜‰

What does this all mean?

It means Ann Coulter can relax.
(by snacking on small children)

It means Sarah Palin can continue the Imawhackjob World Tour-a-palooza.

It means Jesus freaks everywhere can continue to see the holiest of holies in the unlikeliest of places (and do other nasties in His name).

It means Whitney Harding can continue bringing the hotness to make up for the extreme sizzle-deficit caused by … well … you remember.
(Oh delicate flower of supreme womanly elegance – how we do remember you …)

It means this guy can continue his one-man firestorm of fucktardery on ‘da laydeez’.

It means Meg Ryan can continue to just absolutely 100% fuck herself UP nine ways to Sunday!
(and that’s no joke!)

It means COLLEGE FOOTBALL RULES!!!! (especially Auburn Football!!!)
(Auburn is the way and the light. Bow to the power!!!)

It means International Whore Day can MUST continue with gusto!

It means Tara Reid can continue … oh who are we kidding – BOTTOM’S UP BITCH!

It means The Cookie’s game plan for the next everhowfuckinglong means going global to help manage the metamorphosis that has — albeit temporarily — appropriated her existence.

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BP Oil Spill … how would it look in YOUR town?

This is interesting … and sad.

To put the sheer size of the BP oil spill into perspective, some really way cool dudesĀ created a program to let you measureĀ that messĀ against the land mass surrounding your home town.

Click on this link, then enter your town, and province in the location box top of page, and ‘move’ the oil spill.



June 13, 2010 at 1:22 pm 1 comment

I’m not sure, but I think she wants a bird ;)

My neice … pure joy!

June 11, 2010 at 2:47 pm

This explains everything

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