So long, dear friend

January 8, 2008 at 9:40 pm 4 comments

FootballMy friend is gone, left last night and won’t be back for months.

I miss him already … we rekindle our affair every August with exciting stories about what’s going to happen over the next couple of months.

September comes and we keep each other company in my living room (ok, sometimes a crowded bar …). We have steady dates for months — but then, as always, we part in January … and I pine all Spring and Summer.

College football is a naughty master. He’s a kinky, nasty, sweaty luvah — and he’s ruined me for all others. 

It’s true. I already feel like the girl who woke up in a stranger’s house on January 1 wearing yesterday’s eyeliner and stockings — and the season just ended last night.

All of the newness, the freshness, the playbooks full of unexplored possibilities … all over now.

The last player has uttered his last cliche about the big game (‘We came to play and got our plays off’ .. ‘We made our blocks and got some breaks and kept our running game going’ ..). Sexy talk, that!

Today feels hollow though. I won’t hear those sweet nothings for months! My yard flag, ‘season’ backpack, lucky shoes and light-up car sign will be packed away soon.

And don’t think I don’t know what’s next either! Stealing my husband’s copies of Sports Illustrated, sneaking peeks at CBS SportsLine late at night when I think no one is watching, pouring over to find out who signed where … oh god, I can feel it pulling me already! I’ve seen it a hundred times (ok, I’ve DONE it a hundred times …)

I can try to console myself with NFL Playoff action and a Super Bowl that I already know I don’t care about. But it won’t be the same. It never is.

Maybe there is a support group for people like me? If you know of one let me know, ‘kay?

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Why are we not talking about this guy?!?


  • 1. Rach  |  March 31, 2008 at 12:24 am

    Larry says, get the NFL network. You wouldn’t be so sad.. ;o)

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