Awaiting withdrawal …

January 4, 2010 at 11:26 am

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … spring is just somber and summer sucks ass. THIS, my friends, is the most delightful — yet deciduous and distressing — time of the year.

No, not the secular-religious winter holiday seasonal shop-a-palooza, you ninnies!
That shit is as over as Britney Spears’ career!

I’m talking about the greatest collection of supernaturally spectacular annual occurances in the history or all recorded histories!
College Bowl Season!
And … well … *sniff* the end of College Bowl Season … *doublesniff* in just a few short days. 😦
::: a moment, please :::

Ayep — I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — college football is a naughty master. He’s a kinky, nasty, sweaty luvah – and he’s ruined me for all others.


Four months and a few weeks of nothing short of pure bliss.
There is nothing more beautifully brutal or poetically punishing than my beloved college football!

And the bowls are the complete and total BESTILICIOUSNESS of the bunch!

It all starts so gloriously then *WHAMMO* the season’s been tallied, the best go to bowl games, the worst hope for a signing day surprise and the rest of us wait for the inevitable, inconsolable end.


Five BCS bowls and 29 non-BCS bowls — 34 glorious gridiron games in all before the best creation ever bestowed upon mankind goes buh-bye for roughly 8 super sad-faced months.


But hey, I’ll be ok.
At least I’ll get a teensy bite more with the all-star bowl games later this month and then another tasty ‘next season’ appetizer on National Signing Day next month … but it won’t be until I see the preseason poll placements [where Auburn will no doubt be a top-tenner], read the leaked “early” practice reports and hear the proud projections of the editorial ‘experts’ that I can truly, frealz and a gozillion percent in earnest begin my ritual of seasonal salivation over the possibilities of the perfect season!

And it will happen!! It has to — it’s my New Year’s resolution!
::: and you wasted yours on that perennial weight loss pipedream again … HAHAHAHA! :::


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