Why are we not talking about this guy?!?

January 9, 2008 at 11:16 pm 1 comment

Bill Richardson

Bill Richardson, man. Bill $#@!**^ing Richardson!

Not as charismatic as Obama or Clinton? Oh wait — I forgot, we’re America … land of the Free With $50 Purchase, home of the Bravo Channel (project runway anyone?). Poor Bill hasn’t been effectively packaged and marketed to middle America complete with the Politix 4 Dummies seal of approval.

Ok, it all makes sense to me now. 

But c’mon — this is a guy with real qualifications (and for you Gen Y-ers out there voting for the first time – that means he’s got street cred, ‘kay? Stop synching your iPod and try to stay with me …)

Richardson is a guy who has more than 14 years experience in Congress; a guy who was the U.S. Ambassoador to the United Nations, has successfully negotiated diplomatic affairs (including hostage release which, oh I don’t know, might prove useful as this war drags on) and has been governor of New Mexico since 2002 — oh, and he’s been nomiated for that cute little international kudo affectionately known as the Nobel Peace Prize four (4) times …

Again — why are we not talking about him? What is keeping him out of the limelight? Why is he not part of the presidential dialogue going on in America’s homes or around workplace watercoolers?

He is more qualified to be president (or VP) than the front-runners and he’s got a chip in the ‘we haven’t had one of THOSE yet’ game — he’s ethnic! Score!

So why isn’t the Latino getting the same press as the aging white chick or the charismatic African American?

Go ahead — ponder the question. And while you’re at it, permit me to reiterate what the fine folks at Wonkette so graciously laid out already:

— For 27 of the past 31 years, governors have been president.
— For 15 of those years, Western governors have been president. (Richardson is a Western governor — I think I mentioned that earlier?)
— He’s been a Congressman, governor, Energy secretary, UN ambassador, yet is basically unknown/fresh to the general dumb voter. (umm yeah, I think we covered that too)
— Born in California, raised in Mexico and Boston — he’s got the local angle everywhere but the South, which could be fixed with Edwards on the ticket as veep (think people!!)
Check out the full list — a must read!

He has the foreign policy experience, he has the domestic experience, he’s smart, he’s funny and I’m sure an above-average dancer (which, let’s face it, is WAY more important in a country tuning in each week to ‘Who wants to marry my pet goat’ than any presidential debate, news program or Hurricane Katrina documentary) … so what IS it?

No – that’s a serious question … what IS it?? Why are we NOT having serious conversations about this man?? Can we? Can we pleeeease??

I’ll be yer best friend!!!!

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So long, dear friend Say it ain’t so …

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  • 1. Noni  |  January 10, 2008 at 1:31 am

    I just read on the AP wire that he’s dropping out. What do qualifications matter, anyway?

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