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No. Sleep. ‘Till. BROOKLYN!

Y’all know I don’t really ‘do’ follow-ups, but since I also don’t really ‘do’ rules or structure or anything resembling something one would consider organized in any way whatsoever – I can ‘do’ whatever I want!
::: yes, it’s great to be me :::

Remember when the NYC powers that be went all ‘full bag of ass’ on the homeless recently?
Well, take a seat kids because those gub’mint windbags found some pity for the poors and are now baby-steppin’ toward benevolence!

Big Apple big shots are backing agreements to house homeless families in unsold luxury condos in Brooklyn.

The apartments are in the in Crown Heights section, have amenities that include granite countertops, terraces, marble bathrooms and walk-in closets and were supposed to sell for $250,000 to $350,000 … you know, back in the olden times when people actually had cool shit like cash monies and credit so they could BUY a place of their own …
::: mem-reez … light the corners of my mind … :::

But times are hard and pretty much every third person on the planet is out of work, out of luck and out on the street — so hobo housing is where it’s at!

The city is paying about $2,700 a month for each apartment, which includes awesomeness like social services and job counseling.

This is goodness — straight UP!

And you asshats who try to get your comment on and go all ‘Get a job, ya bums’ with your high-and-mightiness?
Step back, get a clue and REKONIZE that homelessness is a national problem that’s growing to epidemic proportions due to the economy, foreclosures, the economy, job losses, the economy and so on AND that one in every 50 children in our fair land will be homeless at some point.

So those ‘lazy fucking bums’ you’re always bitching about?
Ya, they don’t even rank in the top 100 anymore, ‘kay judgmentals?

THIS is goodness. This is a start …


June 4, 2009 at 3:29 pm 2 comments

No pay no stay

It’s just all-out hostility against the hobos and the poors these days!

Even after getting serious stimulus money, states are still cutting jobs, bull-dozing benefits and — as of this month — one city (NYC) will begin charging rent to working families staying in public homeless shelters.
::: What’s next?!? Tipping the breadline soup scooper??? :::

This latest societal bitchslap to the bereft is made possible by a 1997 state law allowing shelter managers to force flat-broke fams to fork over a portion of their income, depending on the shelter and family size.

For some of the strapped, this could mean handing over up to half their earnings.

(for serious!!!!)

How is a family supposed to save enough to get out of the shelter when they’re coughing up more than 50% of their take-home cash to the shelter?

::: rhetorical question, Bub — no one believes you care … :::

“I think it’s hard to argue that families that can contribute to their shelter cost shouldn’t,” commented one callous commish. “I don’t see this playing out in an adverse way.”

You sure about that??

Because I’m thinking that a state that eagerly earmarks

  • $2,500 for the Doll and Toy Museum of New York City
  • $2,500 for the Brooklyn Cricket League
  • $6,000 for the Harlem Honeys and Bears senior citizen swim team
  • $6,500 for the Utica Curling Club
  • $10,500 for the American Association for the Improvement of Boxing
  • $15,000 for the Urban Yoga Foundation
    – would probably enjoy some pretty sweet PR if it found a way to pinch off a few pennies for the penniless, right?
  • Right?!?

     I hope so, ‘cuz you gotta know it would take a ginormous truckload of NOTHIN’ for me to instigate an uprising of the impovrished when I visit New York in two weeks!


    May 12, 2009 at 3:51 pm 6 comments

    War on welfare?

    Pennsylvania lawmakers are considering a bill that would stick a big ol’ brick wall of “NEGATORY WINOS!” between welfare recipients and their state-funded boozy times.

    This is so wrong!

    In this The Great Depression 2.0 ™ – the ONE thing the hopeless and downtrodden can cling to … the ONE thing they truly gotta have – is their hooch!!!

    A tummy full of Tequila or Tangueray smoothes the harsh edges of a chilly winter’s night alfresco like nobody’s business!

    But just try telling that to State Rep. Dave Reed, R[eally MEAN]-Indiana, and you’ll get a steaming cuppa ‘screw you, deadbeat’!

    reedReed submitted his ‘No Booze for  Beggars’ bill after discovering it was actually, like, legal and shit for the poors to buy their Boone’s using taxpayer-backed benefit cards, which look and can be used much like a common credit card.

    “I had no idea at the time that such a loophole existed,” he shouted to the little people from high atop his ivory tower.
    ::: Get ready for a MAJOR huffy when he finds out what they do at the needle exchange!! :::

    Reed’s bitter pill of a bill would bar Pennsylvania’s 619 state liquor stores and private beer distributors from accepting the Department of Public Welfare’s electronic benefit cards from the approximately 2 million Keystone Staters who get cash assistance, food stamps or medical aid of some kind.

    And I know all of the assholes out there hatin’ on the homeless and dusgusted by the destitute are ALL FOR this shit!

    ‘Cuz it sounds good; it feels right – right?

    Yeah … too bad it won’t work.

    Oh shuddit!
    It won’t.

    Because — aside from the fact that Scaggy Maggie will flat out cut a bitch for blockin’ her Bud — Reed forgot that little bit about the bennie badges behaving like credit cards.

    So who’s to stop the vagabond horde from gettin’ their ATM on?
    That’s riiiight hobo haters … a steaming cuppa ‘No one’ – that’s who!

    Ahhhh government!
    Oh well — better luck with the druggies, Dave!


    May 11, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    Big Brother IS watching!

    Good news, breadliners!

    Your government cares about you!

    Well, ok. Maybe not you, Mr. L.A. Dude who offed your whole family govmybadlast year over your mounting financial mess.
    Or you, Mr. Ohio Guy who was so worried about money that X-ing out the fam was, apparently, the only option.
    And, ok, not you, Mr. Pennsylvania Businessman who’s fiscal failures led to things gettin’ all shooty with the missus.
    And, well uh, if we’re being honest —  you either, Mr. San Fran Skin-Care Clinic owner who mistook your lagging sales as a sign it was time to liquidate your loved ones …  

    … but for the rest of you sad sacks out there not yet driven to do in those dearest to you – your government wants you to know it cares about you!

    It does!
    They even set up a super special website to prove it!!

    govheroGetting Through Tough Economic Times” — an inadequately-titled guide intended to provide “practical advice on how to deal with the effects financial difficulties can have on your physical and mental health” — launched in the wee hours overnight.
    ::: … guess no one liked the more aptly-titled ‘How To Deal When Your World’s Gone To Shit’ … :::

    On this little corner of the interwebs, the feds will educate your impovrished ass about depression, suicidal thinking and other mental illnesses.
    ::: Because who knows better about depression and suicidal thinking than government workers, right? :::

    govnokillIt lays out the warning flags for: Persistent sadness/crying; Excessive anxiety; Lack of sleep/constant fatigue; Excessive irritability/anger. 
    ::: Oh. Those aren’t just regular conditions of life now? :::

    So, if you’re unsure whether your spouse has slaughter in his/her heart?
    If you’re worried that crushing debt is making the one you hold dear consider dumping your dead body in a ditch??
    If you’re concerned that paying the bills has poisoned your partner against you???

    Don’t take matters into your own ignorant hands!
    Consult Uncle Sam – your hard times BFF!


    March 31, 2009 at 1:23 pm 1 comment

    Our life’s work – for nothing?

    Lest you think you’re the only ones leveraging your kids’ futures to pay this month’s electric bill – BEHOLD!
    The Great Depression 2.0 ™  – CHINA EDITION!


    Those are the sad, sorry faces of thousands of job-seekers at one job fair in Hefei, Anhui province, China earlier this month.

    That’s right, breadliners!
    China’s economy’s in the shitter, too — JUST LIKE OURS!
    *and all of Europe and the rest of Asia and Africa and, well, you get the point *

    Know what else?
    They’re doin’ stimulus, too — JUST LIKE US!! 

    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said this week that his the government should waste no time in rolling out stimulus measures.
    ::: copycats :::

    But do you know what they’re doing that’s not just like us?
    Importing – shopping – bustin’ the bank.
    ::: ACK – actual conservatism – ick yuk pTOOEY!! :::

    Shanghai-based research firm Data Driven Marketing Asia (DDMA) surveyed 602 ‘consumers’ in five Chinese cities and found that 12% of those surveyed had already lost their jobs and 45% were reducing personal spending because of their concerns about the economy.
    ::: … so much for America’s 4th largest export market! :::

     The idea that Chinese can pick up the slack now that American shopaholics have gone on the wagon is “rubbish when you look at it,” DDMA director Sam Mulligan says.

    But wait — don’t they, like, have to?
    China’s been our biggest supporter enabler!

    They bought up hundreds of billions of dollars worth of our debt, which helped drive down our interest rates and THAT helped to grotesquely inflate the U.S. housing bubble that went KABLOWIE more than two years ago.
    ::: See? So obviously TOTALLY their fault! :::

    Economists have long pondered whether the current global shitstorm was caused by what Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has called “a global savings glut” in China [and other East Asian countries] and oil-producing nations of the Middle East pushing money into the USA – OR by America’s excessive SUVMcMansionMachiato moneygrubbery over the last 10 or so years.

    Well, fuck that quandary!
    I mean, why waste time ‘pondering’ when it’s soooo easy just to point the finger!!

    Let’s just [continue to] blame someone else for our fucked up mess, impose some wicked sanctions, get Gotti on their asses and be done with it already!

     What’s more American than that, right?

    “We can’t get them to replicate Americans,” said Paul French, the British marketing director of research firm Access Asia.
    ::: oh :::

     “Americans are just so good at consumerism, like obesity and greenhouse gas emissions. Although the rest of us try, it is very hard to compete.”

    HAHAHA – That’s right, bitches!

    You mean worshipping at the alter of gluttony, greed and gross consumerism isn’t something everyone wants to do?

    But we worked so hard at it!


    March 19, 2009 at 5:41 pm 2 comments


    So I got ^ this email ^ yesterday at that was kinda sorta seemingly callin’ my ass a few kinds of out for not going apeshit on the whole AIG sitch.

    And I’m all ‘Dude! What’s going on?!? If only you knew how I’ve tried!’

    ‘What’s going on?’
    Well, for one thing, I really didn’t think anyone would want to read 8 inches of FUCK YOU AIG ASSHATS AND YOUR MISERABLE CORPORATE FUCKERY, YOU GREEDY FUCKING FUCKTARDED FUCKERS!!

    I mean, it’s not exactly what one would call particularly ‘insightful’ or ‘thought-provoking’, now is it?

    ‘What’s going on??’
    Every time I sit down, try to channel my inner calm and meaningfully articulate just exactly how I feel about AIG paying more than $160 million in bonuses to employees of its Financial Products division …
    … the unit primarily responsible for the company’s epic meltdown …
    … the meltdown that resulted in AIG getting more than $170 billion of my yours OUR money in the form of a taxpayer-funded bailout …
    … the bailout that essentially made instant millionaires over the weekend of more than 70 people (11 of whom no longer even WORK there) who had a direct fucking role in bringing the fucking company to the brink of ETERNAL FUCKING RUIN …

    … What’s going on is that I get a POUNDING HEADACHE from repeatedly bashing my forehead against the wall out of earned aggravation and excessively escalating pissiosity!

    Because it’s not just the greedy muddascunt AIGers who arouse my anger, sir.

    OH HO NO!

    I have ire in reserve for the Federal Reserve twits and the Treasury Deptartment meatsacks who should have put terms into the original bailout agreement that would have prevented this fiscal fuckery — but didn’t in the rush rush to get the [admittedly necessary] bill passed.

    And I feel I can rightly direct a fair amount of fury at every lameass, near-sighted Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green Partier, lobbyist, banker, zoologist, cryptozoologist, philatelist or rare coin collector who had even the most limited hand in ultimately putting before then-President Bush the $700 billion NO FUCKING OVERSIGHT economic bailout package (Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008) which became the godawful Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) when shrub signed that bitch into law on October 3.

    ‘What’s going on?!?’

    I don’t think I can harness this hissy fit and I sure as shit couldn’t find my happy place right now even if you plopped my tuckus smack in the middle of it from a hot-air balloon powered solely by sunshine and positive thoughts!

    ‘What’s going on?!?!’

    There [almost] are no words …

    March 18, 2009 at 10:11 am 3 comments

    You got it baaaaaad!

    If you live or work in Imperial County, California that is!


    Those sad sacks have what appears to be the highest unemployment rate in the country.
    ::: … they’re # 1 … in sadz …:::

    The fine folks at The New York Times know you are hard UP for some cheap thrills so they’ve assembled a way cool (but kinda depressing) interactive unemployment map of this New Great Depression for your edutainment.

    Want to find out how much worse off other folks are?!?
    This map’s for you!!

    Want to know where you can’t move for a new job but could probably buy a mansion for two sticks and a handfull of pennies?
    This map’s for you!!

    Got a hankering to know more about lovely Steele County, North Dakota?!?
    Trust me on this one, you will … which makes this map … for YOU!!!


    March 4, 2009 at 9:31 pm 2 comments

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