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An Open Letter to Ann Romney

Stop it.
Stop it right now.

Stop using your illnesses as a campaign issue if you’re never once going to talk about the need to further awareness or the need to raise money for research or for anything other than furthering your own selfish agenda — all the while denying you are doing anything of the sort.

It’s disgusting.
So, stop it.

Because what you’re using it to snag is the White House. And the White House is the residence of the most prominent public servant in the United States. But public service is most assuredly not what you are advocating with the Ann Romney Pity Party Road Show.

The ME ME ME interview-train you are steering into seemingly any and every station with a broadcast signal or rag with publication privileges has steered very clear of any meaningful discussion of what real illness really does to real people.

But then it kind of has to, doesn’t it, Ann.

Because you wouldn’t know about any of that.

Because your situation is not representative of what real illness really does to real people.

Trust me, I know.
Because I am a real person really affected by real illness and I’m tired of your act.

I am Multiple Sclerosis – each and every day since my diagnosis on May 15, 2009.

I am also married with a mortgage, a full-time (and then some) corporate manager, and I am in the game.
And I — like the mostly 400,000 other Americans living, dealing and coping with the real realities of Multiple Sclerosis — do it all every day without spinning my sad tale of woe to manipulate situations for my own personal gains.

Because that’s disgusting.
So, stop it.

“I want people to believe in their hearts that we know what it is like to struggle,” you said this past Sunday on NBC’s ‘Meet The Press’. ” … our struggles have not been financial, but they’ve been with health and with difficulties in different things in life.”

If you can lament MS as your ‘cruel teacher’ yet have absolutely no comprehension of financial hardship that often goes hand-in-hand with long-term and/or incurable illness, then I once more must advise you to stop it. Stop it right now.

No one begrudges you — or your husband — your success.
That is not what this is about.

The dream, the promise and the hopeful realization of financial success is part of the very foundation of our country.
Congrats on making it.

What this is about is that you put yourself front-and-center and go on and on (and on and on) about your struggles with MS and how you “don’t know how much is it going to chew me up and spit me out?” … and you, like the rest of us wonder “How sick am I going to get? … Am I going to be in a wheelchair?” … and you, like the rest of us, know “It’s a very, very frightening place to be.” … yet you never once ever (ever!) talk about why all of that is why we need to bring the issue to the forefront, to make health care a true and meaningful part of a national discussion, to raise awareness, to raise money for research, to find a cure (because we could) — for it and all of the many other diseases out there for which there is no cure, little money, even less discussion and scant hope … and so on and so forth.

What this is about is that you, Ann, are in the perfect position to do just that.
But you never talk about the bigger picture.
You never speak of or to the greater good.

Shame on you!

It’s just the never ending Ann Romney Pity Party Road Show.
A true story about Ann Romney.
Starring Ann Romney.
Talking only about Ann Romney.

So, do not attempt to class yourself with me or other folks like me when it comes to Multiple Sclerosis.

Because ‘The Hug’, the skin flips, eye jumbles, pulls, seizures, spasticity, word fishing, fog, falling, paralyzing fatigue, constant pain, more than occasional Krueger Claw and all of the other ruthless physical and emotional realities of daily life with MS are but a part of the conversation that speaks to that bigger picture you don’t talk about.

That bigger picture that, for the rest of us includes things like:
The worry over what to do about work when you can’t walk or think.
::: You don’t work, so this is not something that weighs heavily on your mind. Why talk about it, right? That’s not your MS. :::

The fear your colleagues will find out and feel you’re suddenly ‘less than’ capable.
::: Your colleagues on the campaign eagerly have you play the victim card, so this is not fundamentally significant to you. Why talk about it, right? That’s not your MS. :::

The financial stranglehold imposed by uncovered insurance costs.
::: We all know that ‘financial struggles’ are not intrinsic to your way of life. Why talk about it, right? That’s not your MS. :::

And so much more I don’t need to get into here because why talk about it, right, Ann? That’s not your MS.

But it is mine.

My MS means nearly $4,000 every month for just 4 Avonex injections (that’s just a one-month supply, Ann).

My MS means as much as $5,000 twice a year for brain or cervical spine MRIs to monitor my progression.

My MS means feeling helpless and very, very (very) scared when people I know and care about die from MS.

People like Dan Aronie …

People like my high school classmate Clay …

Oh but that’s just my MS, Ann.

Not yours.

And I know you don’t concern yourself with those things not Ann Romney.
::: Choo Choo!! And the Ann Romney Pity Party Road Show MUST go on! :::

Ann, I don’t doubt that you do you understand a small smidge of the physical plight the rest of us MS patients endure, but you cannot even begin to understand what it is like to live with (and in spite of) the rest.

So do not try to ‘relate’ to me, girlfriend. ‘kay?

I am a working professional living with (and paying for) MS … and I approved this message.

::: and I don’t really care what you think about it, Ann :::

September 18, 2012 at 6:23 pm 8 comments

What SHE said

Free-speech fuckery!!

The valedictorian of Springstead High School in lurrrvly Spring Hill, Florida penned herself a positively whimsical, witty and wholly entertaining jemlugovaledictorian speech and was feeling several kinds of justifiably wonderful about her word choices — until a couple of intellectual inbreds brought the hell naw and commanded a rewrite.

“I was shocked,” Jem Lugo said. “It’s not what I had expected.”

Not what she expected because she’d written a speech she felt honored her class and gave them something special. Was it a little ‘Inside Baseball’? Maybe — but if the audience gets it isn’t that, you know, like THE POINT?!?

She sent copies to some students and got positive feedback.
“[They] enjoyed my speech. They got the inside jokes. They connected with it.”

And with that you’d think the super-speech trifecta would be in play.
You’d be wrong.

“The valedictorian speech is a reflection over the past four years of a student’s life,” Principal Susan Duval said. “It’s about what direction the class is going in the future.”
::: Really? And, now just where would I find the stone that’s written on?? :::

She called Lugo a “very bright young lady with a bright future,” [Ed Note: Umm helloooooo – THAT is a given – that hot slut’s HARVARD-bound!] but said the race for valedictorian was “very tight.”
::: *sniff* do I smell a thinly-veiled threat? :::

“A lot of kids could’ve been up there speaking,” she said.
::: *sniff  SNIFF * :::

Lugo recalled a faculty advisor telling her that if she didn’t write a more appropriate speech, someone else would be chosen.
::: *SNIFF* hold the ‘thinly-veiled’ :::

Superintendent Wayne Alexander admitted he hadn’t actually, you know, like read the speech or anything, but said the school was justified in strong-arming its star student into rewriting it.
::: Teach the children – teach them well … to fucking do what their fucking told …:::

“I can see the inappropriateness of such a speech,” he said after a portion was read to him over the phone. “I can see that clearly … Graduation is a significant day in the lives of students and their families. It should be treated with the respect and significance it deserves.”
::: Actually, it’s mostly a day for opening cards stuffed with money from relatives and an evening of underage partying … but maybe that was just my experience??? :::

So did she go with her original speech or did she cave to The Man and read a rewrite at last night’s commencement ceremonies??
::: Enquiring minds wanna know! :::

She caved.
I haz sadz …

She went down – but at least she went down swinging — in the only way a high school senior not yet aware of her real power can.
She felt the words she was forced to write amounted to nothing more than a textbook speech — so she gave it a textbook reading.
::: she did manage to get in some verbal jabs –  the kid’s got promise, yo! :::

“The most important thing that I could think to tell you tonight is to remember where you came from,” she told her classmates. “Stay true to who you are and who you have become throughout the past four years. Do not conform your values or your personality for the sake of anyone else’s … Do not relinquish your individuality to correspond with the common standard.”

She should know …

(Thanks for the heads up on this one TW!!)


June 5, 2009 at 12:10 pm 10 comments

If you say so

blaggylegosm“I will fight. I will fight. I will fight until I take my last breath, ” Illinois Governor Rod ‘Grabbyhands” Blagojevich blah blah’d this afternoon to a bunch of people who’ve already requested press credentials for his trial.

“I have done nothing wrong, and I’m not going to quit a job that people hired me to do because of false accusations and a political lynch mob,” he said, his voice raised in an unsuccessful effort to be heard above the gigglefest going on around him.

blaggylego1Hey PRICKS! “Afford me the same rights that you and your children have. The presumption of innocence. The right to defend yourself!” he shrieked.

“I have on my side the most powerful ally there is: the truth.”
::: and several million in undisclosed ‘contributions’ in three separate offshore accounts … :::

“Besides, I have the personal knowledge that I have not done anything wrong,” he concluded before unexpectedly screaming ‘TASTE MY LEAD, BITCHES!!!!’, grabbing the briefcase full of money he’d demanded in exchange for his prepared statement and running for the nearest exit.


December 19, 2008 at 9:06 pm 8 comments

The Name Game

There are people in this world who shouldn’t even be allowed to breed — let alone name their offspring.

Case Study:
<— Asshat Simpson and her freakish emo baby daddy, Pete Wentzhispants

These two goddamned twits named their sad, unfortunate spawn …  Bronx.

And it gets worse.

The brat’s full brand is Bronx Mowgli Wentz


NO WAY  you can say it without sounding like Elmer Fudd!

Aside from having waaaayyyyyy too many of ALL of the weird vowels and consonants – they named their kid after the poorest Congressional district in the entire fucking country … and a fictional character who’s name may or may not mean ‘frog’.

Jesusmaryandjoseph! Just nickname the little bastard ‘target of unbridled youth aggression’ already because that’s exactly what he’s gonna be.


November 21, 2008 at 4:03 pm 6 comments

McCain temporarily suspends caring about economy


John McCain has temporarily decided that the economy doesn’t matter and has, thus, temporarily suspended the temporary suspension of his campaign to participate in tonight’s presidential debate.

But don’t you worry kiddies!
Big Mac promised to reinstate the ‘McCaring About The Economy ’08’ plan and reactivate the temporary suspension of his campaign at exactly one second post debate-gavel put down – at which time, sources confirm, he will fly back to D.C. on a wing and a prayer and get back to work … or dinner … or a nap.

Whatever – the point is that it’s ON!!

Whew – right?

September 26, 2008 at 7:09 pm 7 comments

Report: Pot strongest in yea … mmmm Cheetos!

Marijuana - not just for glaucoma patientsReport:
The potency of electric lettuce shot up last year to the highest level in more than 30 years.

A study found that the average amount of THC reached 9.6 percent in 2007, compared with 8.75 percent the previous year.

The 9.6 percent level represents more than a doubling of marijuana potency since 1983, when it averaged just under 4 percent.

I needs to go Monster Chongin’!
Let’s go to the aquarium and get Daved!

June 12, 2008 at 11:09 am

Obama’s Uncle was a Commie?!?

Barack ObamaWell no. Not really.
Barry was just, uhh, confused.

See, normally  when my imaginary boyfriend Barry speaks, sunshine, puppies and happy, shiny smiley faces fly out of his mouth.
But during a speech this Memorial Day he was spittin’ Jew every  whichaway!!


Oh yes!
Seems The People’s Prince was absent the day they taught a certain part of World War II history.
Pity that cause there would be one BIG Ol’ half of MY family who would love to give him some thankful Jewish lovin’ for settin’ our people free … if only it weren’t a big ol’ lie verbal misunderstanding.

Beautiful Barry wove his fantastical tale of truly unbelievable patriotism before an invitation-only crowd at in southern New Mexico where he spoke about an unnamed uncle who was part of the American brigade that liberated Auschwitz.


Yeah … seems the speechwriter family historian forgot that it was a group of Soviets who, on January 27, 1945, entered the deathcamp and set free more than 7,000 remaining prisoners.

::: Maybe Barry’s folks were there earlier and just couldn’t fit everyone into the Humvee?? Ya think?? :::

He said the apparently untrue ‘family legend’ being twisted to suit this specific event for the explicit purpose of garnering political support is that, upon returning from war, his uncle spent six months in an attic.

“Now obviously, something had really affected him deeply, but at that time there just weren’t the kinds of facilities to help somebody work through that kind of pain,” Obeautiful said as he segued into a clever buncha words about his support for the GI Bill.

“In World War II we didn’t have the concept of post-traumatic stress syndrome.”

::: I guess they didn’t have stairs up to the attic either :::

“People had to basically handle it on their own.” he explained. “That’s why this idea of making sure that every single veteran, when they are discharged, are screened for post-traumatic stress disorder and given the mental health services that they need – that’s why it’s so important.”

And with that all was good and right with the world because, once again, the muddled message did, indeed, have a bigger meaning.

::: Ahhhh, sooooooothing Barrrrrrryyyyyy :::

You know, the side of me in love with Barry the idea of real, true, pure hope in the possibility of real, true, pure change wants to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one and agree that, you know, if one of my family members came back from what will be his third tour-of-duty in Iraq and told us all how his unit freed the people of Darfur … well, I too would want to get my delusional relative the much-needed help they so rightly deserved — just like my daydream believer!

Well, all of that except … well … ALL of that, goddammit!!

Yeah, see, I don’t think I’d use a made-up family ‘memory’ to curry election-year favor with voters only marginally in tune with my message. But hey, I’m not a politician. They have to lie to get elected … even Mr. Obeautiful himself, it seems.

But damn lover! Did you have to go to the land of Pandermonium so soon?!?

May 27, 2008 at 9:49 pm 5 comments

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