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Drugs are bad … mmmmkay?

I’ve got a post-debate hangover which means I feel bad that it wasn’t a true blowout one way or the other and when I feel bad I think of other people who I bet feel bad or at least look bad and so I try to find pictures of them to make myself feel better because, well, look at them — they’re fug and famous which means they’re worse off than me because I can be fug in my computer room and no one has to know.
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Sucks to be you famous fuggies!
And so, while having my fourth cup of coffee (what?!? that’s normal!!) I came across the poster child of famous fug and so I am turning my Saturday morning into a PSA because, well, I care.
::: actually I don’t have anything else going on for a while — the gym isn’t open yet, but whatever … :::

I give you Amy Winehouse — snapped doing something somewhere in London sometime last week (photo left). I’m sad for her because I remember her just four short years ago when her career began to blow up (photo right).

Seriously, does anyone care about this bitch?
And just how the hell is she still alive?!?

Britney — you takin’ notes, hon?

September 27, 2008 at 1:14 pm 3 comments

Happy Mother’s Day! Want an abortion?

The bitches at Planned Parenthood have cajones of titanium!

Planned Parenthood advertisementWho else but the world’s biggest provider of pregnancy alternatives would have the balls to make a dash for cash in the name of mom just in time for Sunday’s manufactured maternal lurvefest?!?
Rock on bitches … rock ON!

And the predictable icing on the cake? Watching the pro-lifers get their panties in a BIG OL’  waddy bunch!
Sweet …

The letter — sent by Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (and daughter of former Texas Gov. Ann Richards — an original HBIC if ever there was one) — included parts of an editorial written by her  daughter in an appeal for cash from women’s rights supporters.

“This Mother’s Day, I’m honoring [my mother’s] legacy with a Planned Parenthood Federation of America Mother’s Day gift. Join me. … You can help with a gift to Planned Parenthood Federation of America today in honor of your mother or daughter, and on behalf of all the women,” she wrote.

Shockingly, folks like Janet Morana, Co-Founder of Silent No More Awareness Campaign, took issue with Richards’ missive!
OMG, right?!?
::: I’d link to their site, but I’m getting a DNS error — looks like it was, ummm, aborted … :::

“This is an organization that has turned Mother’s Day into a painful reminder of terminated children for millions and millions of women.  To ask for money on this day so that it can traumatize even more women is the ultimate in insensitivity.”

Note to Morana: The women you speak of voluntarily  went and paid to have this hard-won, legal procedure performed. Some regret it now, others don’t (I feel that way about a Miata I used to drive).
It’s called an option. Options are nifty!!

I mean, my mom had a choice and she opted to have me, which has worked out pretty well for me and all … but what if she had decided not to – for whatever reason … huh? What then?
Would Morana’s minions and the other God-fearin’ Bible-thumpers with the ‘Abortion stops a beating heart’ bumper stickers on their breedermobiles label my sainted mother a murderer or child killer or some bad thing like that?!?

Nah, they’d never stoop to that judgmental type of ill-informed crazy … it’s so un-churchy and all …

Happy Mother’s Day, mom! I’d choose you too 🙂

May 9, 2008 at 3:29 pm 6 comments

The WRONG Way To Get Some Head

WTF?!?Two jackoffs and a juvy in Texas stand accused of digging up a dead guy, decapitating his body and using his grubworm-eaten head to smoke a little doobie — and I’m totally not kidding or flippin’ kitties when I write that.

The Houston Chronicle has the story today of Darwin Award Winners Matthew Gonzalez and Kevin Jones, who have been charged with the misdemeanor offense of abuse of a corpse (misdemeanor?!?).

Police say Gonzalez, Jones and an unnamed underaged dweeb:
1.) Made their way to a local graveyard
2.) Unearthed a man
3.) Made off with his head
4.) Turned said head into a bong

::: Cheech is speechless :::


May 8, 2008 at 8:50 pm 4 comments

I see Paris, I see France …

Natasha Richardson has a wardrobe malfunctionMove over Damita Boob — there’s a new wardrobe malfunction sheriff in town!

Actress Natasha Richardson showed off a new look — and a whole lot more — on the red carpet at last night’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala in New York. At least homegirl was wearing drahz (BRITNEY!!).

Famous people r klassee

May 6, 2008 at 9:52 pm 2 comments

Laura Bush is a tool

Laura Bush is a toolA catastrophic tropical cyclone (aka hurricane) hit the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar (aka Burma) early Saturday and the White House got all blamey on Monday and trotted out Cindy Lou Who (aka Laura Bush) to denounce the Mayanmar government response to the disaster.

I’d say this bitch has balls, but it’s Laura Bush. She just smiles into the camera and says what she’s told.

After all, it’d be kinda hard for Shrub to get up there and act all self-righteous and critical of another government’s response to disaster after taking nearly as long to get to New Orleans after Katrina as it took God to make the friggin’ WORLD.


May 6, 2008 at 12:17 am 6 comments

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