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beyoncesux Well kids, the reviews for Beyoncé’s first real stab at opening a flick are in and let’s just say they were the teensiest smidge less than [Sasha] fierce.

And by ‘less than’ I mean the word on Obsessed is that it’s flat-fucking-out DREADFUL!
::: kind of like that ultra-hein paint job the Mighty B’s workin’ here —> :::

From the Daily News:
“Unfortunately, the whole movie seems constructed just to get the singer/actress into a knock-down catfight, shoehorning one of show business’s sexiest entertainers into a scorned-woman role.

And even then, the pay-off feels cheap.

The result is more like “Delayed Frustration” than “Fatal Attraction.” Knowles actually gets second billing after Idris Elba as Derek, a driven husband, father and VP of a Los Angeles financial firm.

Definitely worth skipping!”


Good thing girlfriend can always fall back on her screaching singing career and churning out cheap looks for the House of Derriér


April 27, 2009 at 1:21 pm 3 comments

Orlando’s Boob Tuber Just That

The Orlando Sentinel’s “TV Guy” has decided to do an open-Internet casting call query over who should play the title role of the real-life Casey Anthony drama.

My first reaction to this stunt was a pretty powerful gag reflex type deal. But, in truth, I shouldn’t be surprised it’s come to this.

Newspapers are dying, which means they’re full of desperate people clutching the last fragments of a fading career as they sink to all-new lows to generate views.

And so Hal Boedecker, the TV Guy wants to know who you, Joe Reader, would cast as queen of the lying liars Casey Anthony.

Ok, fine, I’ve got some time on my hands this morning. What the hell …

I agree with posters Faye, Cindy and Casey is a Whorse that Hal’s a douchebag hack riding the coattails of tragedy and making a mockery of a probable murder for his own gain, but I would be remiss if I didn’t congratulate posters Ashley, Bill and any others who correctly cast Alyssa Milano as horror mom Casey Anthony.

So, there you go. Zip. Zap. Bam.
Can we be done with this horseshit now?

October 17, 2008 at 3:09 pm 1 comment

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