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Oh there’s a special place, indeed!


1.) The following content is replete with expletives for which I will not apologize as they are 100% wholly appropriate and I’m in no mood for argument — so just deal with the knowledge going in or move on right now.
2.) Oh, and also, there is a photo below that’s graphic, so if you’re squeamish, see the end of #1.


This pisses me off.

<—- This fat motherfuck of a fucking FUCK royally pisses me off!!

That gross muddascunt is 68-year-old Robert M. Rozenti of Port St. Lucie, Florida — who was just arrested and charged with neglect of an elderly person after his 90-year-old mother was found emaciated, left in urine-soaked clothes and wearing shoes that had GROWN INTO HER FEET!!!


I think if you look up scumsuckingdouchebaglazygreedyidiotfatass in the dictionary — it has his picture right there …
… and if it doesn’t, it should!

Mr. Ihopehissorryassrotsinhell told police that, not only was he the sole provider for his mother, but he was also appointed as her power of attorney back in 2006.
::: I wonder if that was around the same time he stopped giving a good goddamn about her? :::

Police were called in after she fell in the home she shared with Mr. Worstsoninthehistoryoftheknownuniverse and had to be taken to the hospital, where paramedics informed them of her condition. 

And then, of course, they saw her feet.

The police report says “her shoes were soiled with what appeared to be fecal matter … that part of her slippers were embedded in her skin and that her toenails had taken the shape of her shoes.”

When questioned by police, Mr. Ideserveadailyassrapingwithbrokenglass said he didn’t have a good relationship with his mother as he was her “illegitimate son.” He also said he was aware that his mother needs 24-hour care, but admitted he does not provide that for her.
::: ummm, yah — I think that’s PAINFULLY obvious, you goddamned fucking FUCKTARD! :::

You know — sometimes prison just isn’t enough …

SOURCE (with more photos for the not-so-faint-of-heart)

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I can’t wait for the CSI episode

Some dumb bitch is so upset over a wig … that was stolen … from her head … in the middle of the street … at 3 in the whore-ning … that she got all ‘I’m tellin’ about it.
::: this has ‘field sobriety test’ written all over it … ::: wig

According to the official police report, dingbat was stumbling walking home at 3 a.m. from a kegger or coke party or some shit when along comes an ex-boyfriend or pimp or some shit … on a bicycle … calls her a doo doo head or some shit and yanks the rug right off her halfwit head — which had to hurt since that shit was sewn to her real hair.
::: I’m guessing he got more than a smidge of skin too … :::

Now, me? I don’t believe it.

Not the wig-snatchy part … the part about her having an ex-boyfriend.
I can’t believe there is a man alive who would give up a woman this classy!

But, alas, her sad tale of woe seems somewhat, sort of, if the light is juuussst right … credible.

Miss Elegant Nightshade told the cops the wig-puller-offer had been her fucky times house partner for about eight months. Oh sure, they were close and all – like lovers get – and it’s just a darned ol’ shame that – what with all the Jack, Coke and Crystal Meth stress of the night – she could remember his first name but only the first letter of his last name.
::: Itshhh thahd ashhh T’hommee … T’hommeeee … uh … it  stahrz whitthuh, whitthuh  … ESSSSS!!  T’hommeee Essssss…sumf’n … :::

As dumb bitch luck would have it, Mr. Snatchyhands called baldie’s cell phone while the 5-0 were on scene
::: Yay!! :::

 … then he hung up when they used that sneaky cop maneuver of asking for his last name.
::: ACK! FOILED!!! :::

… the investigation continues …

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This is the shit you bitches are reading

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