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Gather ‘Round The Disco Bald

Jim Eastabrook is SO giving Philip Levine the side-eye!

While it’s true and I can’t deny that nobody rocks a rug like Jim Eastabrook – it’s got to be said that across this whole and entire planet there is NOBODY who bedazzles his baldness like Philip Levine!

“I thought why not use it as a canvas, paint and attach things to my head using the border of where my hair would be,” he said.


Just look at those coiffureless creations!

For four years, the 28-year-old London-based cultural attaché, club promoter and all-around trend-setter, has been using his “lengthening forehead” as a canvas.
With the assistance and artistic expertise of body painter Kat Sinclair, Levine’s creative cranium has become something of an underground phenomenon in the clubs of London.

But his head became truly H-O-T when it got called up from the minors and landed in the mainstream of English art-and-design discussion the day Levine debuted his “crystal” head.


“Using hundreds of thumbtack-sized Swarovski crystals, Levine has created a swooping, shimmery, rockabilly mane. It’s apparently magic in the sunlight. It’s also pleasantly transitory – the crystals begin to fall off after a day’s wear,” a reporter recently wrote.


On average the designs take two hours to create, but some of the more elaborate have taken up to five hours and are therefore reserved for parties.

Damn! I knew there was something I forgot to bring to the b’day fest this weekend!


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