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Nekkid nymph a no-no

If ever there was a time for the “less government” argument …

The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board brought a big ol’ deep-fried Southern Hayull tew thuh Naw! to a wine label featuring *HORROR* a  nude nymph.
::: Not so fast you wine-swilling sinners! :::

winelabeluproarThe label on Cycles Gladiator wine, —–>
produced by Hahn Family Wines in Soledad, Calif., shows a vintage 1895 bicycle advertising poster with a nude nymph flying beside a winged bicycle.

Alabama liquor regulations prohibit labels that are ‘offensive’ or ‘immodest’ and so the booze board has instructed restaurants and stores not to sell this evil-whore devil’s brew.

Hahn Family Wines president Bill Leigon says the wine has been sold nationwide without any complaints … until now Alabama.

How fitting …

Alabama: Because being backward is WORK, y’all!

P.S. — Just a wild guess, but I take it I won’t be buying these the next time I visit the fam either, eh? Poopy …

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(Un)dress Code FAIL

The nudists in Queensland, Australia are A-OK with you having fun sunning your buns, they won’t laugh when your manhood lets everyone now the pool is too cold and goodness knows they love a little beach jigglyball now and then.

But make no mistake, my friends.
They are not a clothing-optional crowd and they have no problem kicking a bitch OUT for balking at being in the buff.
::: rules are rules ::: 

Which one particularly uncooperative couple found out this week during part of the nudist-friendly White Cockatoo resort’s month-long swingers’ romp.
::: OOooo – I know where I’m going on VAKAY!!!! :::

article-1159659-03c143c1000005dc-353_468x321Attired attendees John Harrison and his wife, Lyn ————–>
were basically told to get theeee fuck out after Sir Blimpy and his babe refused to introduce  ol’ Frank and Beans and the Twins to the other guests.
::: … sounds like someone just likes to WATCH … :::

Chubsalot told the press he was having a conversation with resort owner Tony Fox (nudey dudey waving above) and three women (also nakey) when Fox “turned to me out of the blue and said, ‘Why are you dressed?'”
::: Well, you WERE at a nudist camp … :::

He says Cock-or-two management then called him a dickhead.
::: You would have preferred dick-weed, perhaps? :::

“The fact that he was dressed was only part of the picture,” Fox said, adding he felt big John was being “disrespectful” and acting in a  “lecherous manner” toward other guests.
::: Ruh roh – sounds like Johnny got his touch on … :::

This situation ended about as smoothly as Sir Loin’s backside when police were called in to escort the problematic porcine pair from the resort.

“I only asked him to show a bit of respect,” Fox said.

hehe – not exactly



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