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Funny Flashback

*Thank you, dear friend in Wellington, for sending that in. it’s as true now as it was then.


September 3, 2008 at 8:19 pm

South Carolina not happy to be gay

Oh honey chil’ – South Carolina is pissed, Pissed, PISSED!!

Seems someone leaked the Palmetto State’s gayness all over a London subway last weekend as part of a quiche-ified tourism campaign.
::: YAY! Company!! :::

The campaign called for plastering the subway with posters advertising the charms of South Carolina and five major U.S. cities to gay European tourists.

The South Carolina poster says:
“From plantations to the Civil War. Golf to gay beaches.
Hilton Head, Charleston, Myrtle Beach.
There’s no place quite like South Carolina.”

Wait. What?
I’m sorry, but I don’t see the big gay problem here?
According to the poster, the only thing gay about South Carolina are some beaches.

Big whoop!

I’m near Key West, and I’ve been to Fantasyfest! Y’all are gonna have to bring a WHOLE lot more gay than some crummy beaches to get my attention!

Ahh, but sadly (if not predictably), it did get attention in South Cackilackee, where the campaign was greeted with nothing less than shock, horror, revulsion, denial, wine spritzers and a very nice fruit and cheese assortment (from what I hear).

After The Palmetto Scoop wrote about the promotion, officials were falling all over each other in the race to publicly readjust themselves and be all ‘Nuh UH, we don’ cotton tuh thaht kahnd uv bu-hayvyer heeyuhr.’

Republican (ooo big shock there!) state Sen. David Thomas – no friend of Dorothy, he – got his panties 27 kinds of twisted over his state being outed. He put on his prissy pants and called for an audit of the state’s advertising budget.

Speaking for homophobes statewide his constituents, Thomas said, “South Carolinians will be irate when they learn their hard earned tax dollars are being spent to advertise our state as ‘so gay.”
::: Yeah, I’m sure they much prefer being advertised as ‘so bigoted’ :::

Tourism officials insisted they knew nothing about the campaign. So it’s kind of strange that, when the promotion was first announced last month, the tourism board issued a statement saying “it sends a powerful positive message.”

But now  they’ve pulled their foot back from the other stall and are canceling payment on the posters … but not before the big, burly bureaucrats laid blamed the whole unfortunate episode squarely on the shoulders of some ‘low-level state worker who did not run the idea by senior officials’.

The employee, who was not identified, resigned last week.
::: Probably for the best. Bigots turn bully real fast :::

And what of Atlanta, Boston, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Washington, D.C. – the other  cities who took part in the campaign?
Oh, they’re just fine — and thanx for asking!!!!

None have reported any negative backlash.
They are, in fact, very much into meeting new people, traveling and taking part in the $64.5 billion U.S. gay tourism market.

So fuckyouverymuch South Carolina and good luck with that whole ‘coming into the 21st century’ thing!!


July 16, 2008 at 6:07 pm

Civic Doody

texting messages to thwart crimeThe police want you to help them, uhh, take a bite outta crime … with your cellphone.

Because people don’t want to actually get involved  or sully their manicured hands with icky crime, cops know that giving tips anonymously is pretty much the only way they can get your input should you see a ne’re-do-well – well, doing some ne’er!

Toward that end the popo have taken the old and crusty Crime Stoppers approach to the next level.

“Departments in Boston and Cincinnati started accepting anonymous text tips about a year ago. And, since the beginning of the year, cities such as Tampa, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Indianapolis, New Orleans and Detroit have started their own text-based tip systems. ”

Thwarting crime is cool — so kudos to the plan and all.
It won’t work … but kudos.

It won’t work because it’s un-American.

It is!
I know it. You know it.

This is the NEW America and NEW Americans suffer from Silo Syndrome Myopia which renders them incapable of seeing anything beyond themselves in this great big ol’ world of ours.
::: Ahhhh selfishness – some things never go out of style!!! :::

Yup, this is NEW America, where:See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil

  • People stand by and watch an elderly man being hit by a car like it’s a commercial for Grand Theft Auto — but do nothing to help.
  • A woman is left to die on a hospital waiting room floor while — again — people sit by watching but do nothing to help.
  • A group of teens savagely beats to death a homeless man while — again — people stop to watch and even VIDEOTAPE the murder but — say it with me — do nothing to help.
  • Take my point?
    ::: God Bless Help aMErica :::

    But hey, go ahead … prove me wrong (PLEASE)

    txt ur tip 2day

    July 2, 2008 at 7:23 pm 2 comments

    Laura Bush is a tool

    Laura Bush is a toolA catastrophic tropical cyclone (aka hurricane) hit the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar (aka Burma) early Saturday and the White House got all blamey on Monday and trotted out Cindy Lou Who (aka Laura Bush) to denounce the Mayanmar government response to the disaster.

    I’d say this bitch has balls, but it’s Laura Bush. She just smiles into the camera and says what she’s told.

    After all, it’d be kinda hard for Shrub to get up there and act all self-righteous and critical of another government’s response to disaster after taking nearly as long to get to New Orleans after Katrina as it took God to make the friggin’ WORLD.


    May 6, 2008 at 12:17 am 6 comments

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