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Men You’d Do?

So I see a press release this morning for a “Menudo Back to School Contest” and I had to sniff the sprinkles on my doughnut to be sure I didn’t accidentally put the ‘good’ powder on there.
::: it happens … :::

What in the lame comeback ploy hell is this all about?
Have we learned nothing from the Spice Girls or New Kids on the Block??
Is the musical landscape really so barren that we’re pumping a 30-year-old boy band looking for a comeback at any price???

What’s next? Are the members of New Edition gonna try and get back together so they can choke out an updated rendition of Mr. Telephone Man or Popcorn Love?
::: Don’t laugh – they might. Bobby’s pretty hard up these days … :::

Oh well, whatever.

They might want to recast their ‘creative team’, though.
I mean, what idiot starts a “Back to School’ ANYTHING in October?
Doesn’t school start in, like, August or something?

By October kids are boozing in the parking lot and screwing their drama teachers!

That concert better include an 8-ball and some cutters or things could get ugly.

October 1, 2008 at 2:36 pm 2 comments

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