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THIS is, like, sooooo not right … ‘n stuff

sadgirlHold tight to your Hermès, girlfriends, because this is Hampton’s-Hissy-Fit BIG!

Looks like the The New Great Depression isn’t just for the little people, after all.
::: Chutney — I suggest you sit down for this, sweetie … :::

Chanel and Louis V are being forced to … to …
::: Oooohhh I almost just can’t even bring myself to say it, it’s so awful!!! :::

They are being forced to *gulp* ECONOMIZE!!!!!!!
::: Take it easy, Tinsley! :::

Chanel’s getting ready to lay off 200 staffers in their Paris office and LVMH has cancelled a plan for a Louis Vuitton megastore in the Ginza district of Tokyo.

cryUntil recently, luxury brands were in goddamned fucking denial about the had claimed immunity from the growing worldwide Olympic-style economic nosedive.

But the cold bitchslap of reality has left a lingering sting that’s being felt from the boutiques of Paris to the la-tee-dah shoplofts and spas of London to the ostentatious avant-garde expos of New York as the not-so-nouveau-riche-anymore are foregoing their Friday evenings at Fred’s, Diamond Peel Microdermabrasions, Icho Cashmere jackets and caviar eye treatments.
::: Crap, Kiki! Get the salts – I think Mersaydi just had a mild cardiac event … :::

But don’t fault Franck Sorbier, don’t chide Coco and don’t even THINK of blaming Boudicca, bitches!!

This nouveau povertè was a fait accompli before the bailouts began …
… all that greedy moneygrubbiness and fadmongering of years past created such all-out hubris that now the well-off are just like the rest of us — facing, like,  a totally WAY harsh future … ‘n stuff!!

MAJOR sad face, right???
::: But, admit it! You know it’s gonna be 20 kinds of cocktail FUN watching Wilhelmina use a WIC!!! :::

December 30, 2008 at 7:32 pm 2 comments

Campbell Kid?

Child welfare advocates around the globe have been put on red alert:

Anger-management school dropout Naomi Campbell wants to reproduce.

“I understand when people say ‘Listen to your body, your body tells you’. So yes, I’d love to have a baby,” she told The Mirror UK recently.

So why hasn’t the international incident spewed forth her spawn?
::: luck? :::

“I didn’t want to have a child on my own.
::: Rage-omi is currently dating Russian businessman Vladimir Doronin … someone really outta warn him those sexy times are gonna have a heavy pricetag  … :::

“I know you can but I didn’t want to raise it the way I was raised.”
::: ‘it’ — how maternal :::

“… I would like to try it in the traditional way.”

And by ‘traditional’ she means barking orders via BlackBerry to a phalanx of diaper changers and an an army of assistants, nannies and baby product procurers.

Someone should warn her about the soft spot before it’s too late. Little heads don’t recover from crackberry smackdowns as quickly as grown folks.

Let’s keep poor little It, err, Chanel Vuitton Prada Dior Ungaro Givenchy Campbell lifted up in prayer … maybe Brad and Angie will have room for one more …

September 15, 2008 at 2:51 pm 1 comment

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