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Awful-ly funny

… because Greeneyed girl didn’t find it amusing 😛 …

December 1, 2011 at 2:49 pm 3 comments

Ewwww pig … souie!

Good Cookie PostOh hell to the yeah!!

I’m all over this new extreme sport like white on rice (smotthered in roasted pig).

Mr. State Rep Sid Miller (of Texas) needs a hand shake and a cold cerveza from this dude because he’s offerin up legislation that will give regular-type guys like me the chance to get a permit to hunt feral hogs from the skies.

All righty then … Where do I sign up?!?

The population of feral hogs has gone bonkers here in my fair state, and it’s evident from field to forest to the backyard of suburban Sally’s pristine petunias!

People have actually seen them fornicate in their faces, as if to say “don’tcha wish your species was hot like me …don’tcha?”

But they do wreak havoc on land and property, adding up to million$ each year.
Hmmmm — can you say stimulus assistance?
Hellllooooo pork spending!

There are those, however, who really want Oliver and the rest of their thousands upon thousands — upon estimated TWO MILLION family membersnot to be fired upon.
I’m sure that those opposing will be happy to let a few thousand hogs hang out at their places for some friendly foraging — NOT!
Maybe even some classes on diversity to get the hogs to understand that it’s a “no no” to tear up other peoples shit?!?
Uh … no. Sorry, ain’t gonna happen here.

Hell, even coyotes are scared of these ornery bithches!

Let’s get the bazooka and hit the air!

Apparently, some eleven hundred hunters did get permits last year here in Texas — and they’re shootin from the skies!!
What makes them so special?
I don’t know, but I’m going through my curled up phonebook today to see if any of my buddies already have liscenses to hunt these porkers.

Game on fatty-porker!


Signed: Springdaddy

February 21, 2009 at 3:05 pm 13 comments

Hillbilly Hicksquad 1 – Wascally Wabbits 0

A report of gunfire within city limits sends the police running to a wooded area near Titusville, Alabama.
::: Oooo gunfire — that sounds SERIOUS!! ::: 

“We saw four males and they started running,” said South Precinct Sgt. Gary Clark
::: Evasion tactics! WOW!!! :::

“When we caught them, they had a shotgun and bag full of rabbits.” 
::: … a bag fulla… uhh, whuh?!? :::

Oh sure, it’s against the law to fire a gun within the city limits and all and I’m sure the folks living in that neighborhood had nooooo problem whatsoever with the moonlight morons ‘cuz the kindly poeleece mayun said the bunny blasters didn’t know they were breaking the little ol’ law by gettin their Elmer Fudd on — so no harm no foul, right?!?
::: uhh, technically … I guess? ::: 

“It was tense for a moment because we didn’t know what we had,” he  said. “… it was a good thing that they weren’t shooting somebody.” 
::: HAHAHAHA — you said it, Sarge! Can you imagine?!? A bag full of … oh I dunno, dead baby or something?!? HAHAHA – good thing indeed!!! ::: 

One man had an outstanding warrant and *SHOCK* was taken into custody – but the others were allowed to leave and take their bag full of dead bunny on home.
::: Sumpin’ fer thuh missus, Yee-HAW!!! ::: 

“Country boys — that’s all they were,”  the kindly poeleece mayun said.
::: prolly MY dumbass rellies ::: 

I guess we have to assume the good ol’ boys had a good ol’ hunting license and didn’t go over their good ol’ kill limit of 8 … eh, whatevs – season ends February 28, boys — better git ta gittin’!!

January 25, 2009 at 8:23 pm 15 comments

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