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Principal shuts down paper, spits on Constitution

Shasta High School Volcano newspaperYou are:
A high school principal who just learned your student-run newspaper is featuring a burning American flag on its cover and a bonus editorial supporting flag burning inside.

Do you:
A. Engage your student body in a spirited debate on the finer points of free speech and freedom of the press?
B. Wuss out and re-print the edition, removing the controversial content?
C. Pitch a hissy and shut down the paper forever?

Well, if you’re Shasta High School Principal Milan Woollard, you choose Option C.
::: tard :::

A shame really — not because the Volcano was even a decent high school rag or anything but because Mr. Principal got served up a golden opportunity to have a meaningful debate about a real hot-button issue, which might have, you know — like, umm, help kids learn and stuff?

Which is, you know — like, umm, what he’s paid to do?

Oh but we do lurve us some flag controversy in America!!

Whether some schmoe is flaunting his right to fly a ginormous symbol of racism, or a kid’s rainbow-y present to his folks causing some crazy Kansans to see gay flags in their sleep, or a bunch of wannabe baby journos testing that little clause we like to call the First Amendment by torching Old Glory (on paper) — you just gotta be prepared for someone to get his panties in a big ol’ bunch!

Welcome to Knee-Jerk Reactiontown, Mr. Woollard! Hope you like it here.

June 11, 2008 at 12:34 pm 4 comments

Prom in the South …

Alabama Teens Go A-Promin\'!

So, yeah, that  happened …

Do YOU have an, umm, interesting prom pic you want to share (or equally humiliating story)? We’d love to see ’em!

April 28, 2008 at 4:09 pm 2 comments

Dumb bitch makes headlines

MySpace logoNewspaper headline:
Port St. Lucie teen worried her nude pictures will be on MySpace

Story (nutshell version):
Boy gets girl.
Girl lets boy take nudie pics of her.
Boy loses girl.
Boy threatens to show girl’s vajayjay and tatas to any MySpacers who want to see them.
Girl drags police into her breakup drama.

Editorial Comment:
ZZZzzzzzzzzz ….

Sorry, but in all honesty – who doesn’t  have nude photos floating around out there somewhere? What makes this original? What makes this news?!? (God knows the rag that ran this ‘story’ didn’t tell us …)

Unless the photog was 25 or 42 or something or he had to drug her or beat her into submission to get his Kodak moment on, then she’s just a dumb, skanky high school bitch who let herself get used by a horny high school skeeze.
Think before you say something stupid
Which is, umm, like not news ‘n stuff …

Get over it toots and go back to class — and a little word to the wise:
If you’re gonna act all prudish and nun-y all of a sudden over your exposing yourself possibly getting  exposed – then the guys are totally gonna label you a cocktease … and then what are you gonna do about prom?

Yup, you’re fucked … but that’s pretty obvious to everyone by now, right?

April 21, 2008 at 5:21 pm 7 comments

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