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A&E is A-OK with racism

Duane Dog Chapman, racist SOBDuane ‘Dog’ Chapman, the world’s most famous racist, over-sunned, racist, bleached out, racist, chain-smoking, racist, bounty hunter, will return to the A&E network nearly eight months after a taped verbal assault against his son’s black girlfriend forced the network to yank his stank-ass crap show from its lineup.

“We’re really confident that the time is right to bring him back,” said Dan Silbrman, the network’s vice president of publicity.
And by that he meant ‘our ratings are down and we know how much the public loves to watch a human trainwreck but we couldn’t sign Britney so we’re bringing the Dog back.”

During a media event at the Kahala Hotel on Wednesday to announce the show’s return, Dog spewed forth the following idiocy:
“As far as the word that I said, it hurts people’s feelings. I am not famous for that.”

Umm, yeah you are.

May 15, 2008 at 10:36 pm 4 comments

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