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Not for nothing but …

Those dumbass motherfuckers who continue to insist – against all reason and factual scientific evidence to the contrary – that climate change is all a hoax need to wake the fuck UP!

Or maybe they just need to read … and learn … instead of listening to some FOX network sprayhead spout uneducated opinions passed off as truth and nodding their agreement because it’s easier than reading … or learning.

Oh but try, wontcha?

Because what happened in Chile is not an isolated incident.
And what happened in Haiti is not an isolated incident.

They’re not.
Stop. Look back. Think. Start connecting the dots.

A lot of the political blah blah over climate change turns into tee hees about ‘global warming’ – an admittedly idiotic term because it’s misleading (especially for people who don’t read) and fails to address the issue in total.
People snicker and roll their eyes when discussion of the catastrophic effects of a two degree escalation in temperature by 2100.
Global warming my left nut, they say, it’s SNOWING in Orlando!
Global warming?!
, they laugh.
Two degrees? HAHAHAHA!!! Big whoop, they say.

Except that it is.

Here’s what two degrees means:
– acidification of the world’s oceans, endangering much of the marine food chain (like when Pacific salmon populations fell sharply in 1997 and 1998, when local ocean temperatures rose 6 degrees F.)

– summer heatwaves of increasing frequency, duration and intensity. It is likely that every second summer on average will endure severe heatwaves (like the 2003 heatwave in Europe that resulted in some 30,000 deaths)

– more frequent and longer incidences of heat and drought, adversely affecting crop and food production in many parts of the world (like the summer of 1998 when crops withered and Dallas temperatures topped 100 degrees F for 29 days straight or the heat wave in India that same year that killed more than 2,500)

– the combination of severe heatwaves and drought is likely to result in more frequent occurrences of wildfires (like the 2003 and 2009 Mediterranean wildfires or the fires that have ravaged California the past two years)

– the disappearance of much of the glaciers in South America and Asia, meaning that hundreds of millions of people (possibly billions) will lose their sources of fresh water – threatened or wiped out (like how Mount Kilimanjaro has lost 75% of its ice cap since 1912. Oh, and Venezuelan mountaintops had six glaciers in 1972 – today only two remain.)

– Greenland will tip into irreversible melt, accelerating sea level rise which is by this stage already threatening low lying countries such as Bangladesh. (like how the rise in sea levels is already felt here – Florida farmland up to 1,000 ft. inland from Biscayne Bay is being infiltrated by salt water, rendering the land too toxic for crops)

– mass extinction of perhaps as much as a third of animal and plant species worldwide (uhh, like, uhh the greatest mass extinction since the dinosaurs disappeared some 65 million years ago 😦 ).

Oh, but hey – that’s a maybe increase by a maybe two degrees maybe by the next 90 years, which is, like, forever away in time so no big deal, right?

Except that it is.

Because climate change involves more than taking the earth’s temperature and it’s not going to wait to start 90 years from now.


“Climate change doesn’t just affect the atmosphere and the oceans but the earth’s crust as well. The whole earth is an interactive system….In the political community people are almost completely unaware of any geological aspects to climate change.”
— Geophysicist Bill McGuire of University College London

“Mother Earth is short-tempered and volatile. So sensitive in fact, that even slight changes in weather and climate can rip the planet’s crust apart, unleashing the furious might of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and landslides.”
— from the 2009 conference on Climate Forcing of Geological and Geomorphological Hazards

“Scientists say melting glaciers could induce tectonic activity. As ice melts and waters runs off, tremendous amounts of weight are lifted off of Earth’s crust. As the newly freed crust settles back to its original, pre-glacier shape, it can cause seismic plates to slip and stimulate volcanic activity according to research into prehistoric earthquakes and volcanic activity.”
— findings from several studies published in The Wall Street Journal in 2006

Haiti, Argentina, Venezuela, Eureka, California, north of Chicago, Japan, Chile
— Where earthquakes have struck just in the first two months of 2010

If you don’t live in earthquake, tsunami, hurricane or tornado country – smile … but just briefly ‘cuz you can’t outrun Mother Nature. Just ask Elmaz Qyra.


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And the Wholly Hypocritical Award goes to …

This morning, an eco-conscious acquaintance was bemoaning the fate of the planet in face of the conspicuous consumerism that naturally takes place this time of year and blah blahing on and on about:
— the excessive amounts of garbage generated from piles and piles of discarded product packaging …
— the overuse of electricity from people adorning their abodes with every available form of twinkly holiday ornamentation …
— the gargantuan supply of gasoline wasted by people schlepping from store to store in search of the perfect gift a last-minute stocking stuffer …

I tried to interject on mankind’s behalf  but she cut me off saying she just remembered she had to run to Target to pick up more wrapping paper …

December 20, 2009 at 3:42 pm 1 comment

Viva la Vino!!

Terribleness to infinity!!!

This is serious! And I don’t care what side of the Global Warming wall you’ve been leaning against — it’s time to get active!

Because it’s not just about melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels or increased incidents of tornadoes, hurricanes or forest fires anymore.

NO! It’s much, Much, MUCH worse!

Climate change is putting one of the most treasured treats known to man squarely in harm’s way!

That’s right — French wine is in DANGER!!!!!!!!

The terroir — the specific setting in which the grapes are grown and which gives a wine its unique flavour — is in jeopardy!


“France has the biggest diversity of terroirs in the world and this unique cultural heritage is threatened today,” said Pascal Husting, the head of Greenpeace in France.


We all know that climate change means our shit is getting hotter and, while hot summers can help enhance a vintage, experts say the higher temperatures have also ruined the character associated with some wine regions.


Studies have confirmed that warmer weather has altered the wine-making calendar, with grapes ripening earlier than ever before.


“France will always have wine.”

ALWA … oh …WHEW!

“But if the temperatures go up too much, one day there will no longer be any pinot noir in Burgundy,” Husting forecast.

No Pinot?!?
Quelle Horreur!


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