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Breakin’ up is hard to do

I am actually sort of feeling sorry for poor little Justin Long today!
No, not because he looks like that ————————->
:::  although the buttfugly shoes should get a sympathy vote :::

Mr. I’m-More-Than-The-Mac-Guy is apparently so upset over being dumped by Drew Barrymore that he had to drop out of her new roller-derby movie, Whip It!

“He couldn’t stand working with her and not being with her,” a friend of his says. “He’s too upset … She was hot and cold. One minute she was in love with him and the next she wanted to break up with him.”

I feel for the guy, I really do!
He’s more emotionally fragile than a preteen girl — he might not make it y’all!

The little fella’s been described in various media reports as being ‘distraught’, ‘devastated’, ‘destroyed’, ‘depressed’ and a whole bunch of other words that don’t start with the letter D.

(so)Long and Dontwannaseeyanomore had been friends for more than 7 years before gettin’ their PDA on pretty much anywhere and everywhere there was a camera handy. And then *poof* – seemingly just like that (snap) it was over when she decided to recast the role of ‘Drew’s boyfriend’.

No one’s really talking about the breakup, but rumor has it she is still tuned in to the FM frequency.

“Drew just couldn”t get (Strokes drummer) Fabrizio (Moretti) out of her mind. She says Justin was great, but what she had with him just wasn”t as strong,” the source said.

It’s believed (apparently by the same unnamed source) that Drew told Fab about her feelings, which got him feeling deeeeeeelighted at the prospect of knockin’ boots with Barrymore again.

Justin, I think yer F’d, dude.

July 25, 2008 at 7:11 pm

Dumb bitch makes headlines

MySpace logoNewspaper headline:
Port St. Lucie teen worried her nude pictures will be on MySpace

Story (nutshell version):
Boy gets girl.
Girl lets boy take nudie pics of her.
Boy loses girl.
Boy threatens to show girl’s vajayjay and tatas to any MySpacers who want to see them.
Girl drags police into her breakup drama.

Editorial Comment:
ZZZzzzzzzzzz ….

Sorry, but in all honesty – who doesn’t  have nude photos floating around out there somewhere? What makes this original? What makes this news?!? (God knows the rag that ran this ‘story’ didn’t tell us …)

Unless the photog was 25 or 42 or something or he had to drug her or beat her into submission to get his Kodak moment on, then she’s just a dumb, skanky high school bitch who let herself get used by a horny high school skeeze.
Think before you say something stupid
Which is, umm, like not news ‘n stuff …

Get over it toots and go back to class — and a little word to the wise:
If you’re gonna act all prudish and nun-y all of a sudden over your exposing yourself possibly getting  exposed – then the guys are totally gonna label you a cocktease … and then what are you gonna do about prom?

Yup, you’re fucked … but that’s pretty obvious to everyone by now, right?

April 21, 2008 at 5:21 pm 7 comments

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