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Which newspaper? Where?

So someone over at CBS’ had themselves a ginormous cuppa FUNNEEE before putting together the High-Paying Jobs with No Future package!

How else can putting ‘Newspaper Reporter’ under the ‘High Paying’ category be explained?!
::: cuppa funnee/wackee backee/sniffy snax – YES! :::

‘No Future’?

But ‘High Paying’?

But seriously– what newspaper? Where?

BTW – I think I know that guy …


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Go with Gordo

No, this is not a repeat of the great splotch of sanctification or the faux-marble floor messiah or even the miraculous window pane of piety.

You sillies — of course it is!!!

Just scant days ago, a couple more crackheads believers in HOPE chanelled the kook and had themselves a celestial sighting, too.
::: hey hey sinners — holies for everyone!!! :::

Caroline and Stephen Gray were just minding their own business, walking near the now-holy waters of Cornwall and taking sexy snaps of the joint when they captured that original hot slut herself, the Virgin Mary, right there in the jagged rocks on the edge of a cave.
::: I bet their camera was a canon 😉 :::

“There was nothing on the screen when I took the original photograph. Then when we got home the image of the Virgin Mary had appeared … It looks like a pregnant woman and she appears to be holding a lamp. It certainly looks like the Virgin Mary,” Caroline blah blah’d about the ecclesiastical apparition.

And who’s to say her no.
::: ummm, logic for $1000, Alex? :::

All I know is that Caroline needs to forget about finding Madonna in the masonry and stop by Chez Cookie during NFL season to behold the real natural miracle that is my neighbor Gordon, who loves rockin’ a nice sudz gut in the nifty Niners hoodie he has a clear phobia about washing while taking his lifelong lover (whose name we won’t mention but her initials are BEER) on a stumble tour of the cul-de-sac random evenings after any of the MANY smackdowns San Fran suffered at the hands of whoever they played that day.

Now that’s the kind of crazy that’s deserving of a devotional!

March 2, 2011 at 10:44 pm

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