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February 14, 2011 at 3:41 pm 3 comments

Whoever did whatever that led to ^ that ^ mess up there!

Pro Tip: Shit doesn’t go down this way when proper precautions are taken.
::: or so I hear :::

The number one rule any self-respecting grow operator must follow is DON’T GET FUCKING CAUGHT!
::: or so I hear :::

But, in classic fashion, today’s DUMBASS OF THE DAY shows us that not everyone has what it takes to elude Johnny Law achieve success.

Because it takes commitment.
Because it takes wanting it – bad!
Because it takes adherence to a strict regimen of sneakiness, fibbery, subterfuge and extraordinary ass-covering!!

This includes — but is not limited to — taking the necessary steps to be sure you don’t overload your electrical system to the point of explosion.

Doesn’t seem all that hard to me but, apparently, the jackbags responsible for the now-roofless pot palace in Broward County’s 2200 block were just a thousand kinds of not there the day Cautious Cannabis Cultivation was taught so now they’ll get to put their pucker on for some sweet mugshot madness!

“A search of the house turned up pot plants and other paraphernalia for running the grow house operation. Officials said the operation may have overloaded the home’s electrical system, which led to the explosion.”

Godammit Kenney, buy a friggin’ generator.


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