Fool me once …

October 21, 2009 at 10:17 am

Well, actually no.
He didn’t have ME fooled for one second.

Unfortunately he did fool someone else.
So shame Shame SHAME! on the judge who gave this anti-Semite asshat a break from well-deserved jailtime with ‘credits for time served and good behavior’ after he gave Holocaust survivor, scholar and Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel a beatdown in a San Francisco elevator two years ago.

Shame on him, indeed.
Because that sick trick ———->
is at it again.

In a lawsuit filed in Broward Circuit Court, Holocaust-denier and all around epic idiot Eric Hunt alleges that the ‘The Fifth Diamond: The Story of Irene Weisberg Zisblatt’ is full of “vicious lies” and “fantastical tales”.

The autobiography recounts how Zisblatt, five siblings and their parents were packed into a boxcar for the trip from Hungary to the extermination camp. Her mother gave the then 13-year-old four diamonds to keep safe. In her book (where she, herself, is the Fifth Diamond) she recounts how she repeatedly swallowed the stones during her time in captivity.

Biggie McBigot was apparently unmoved by her story.

“Zisblatt blatantly stole other Jewish people’s experiences during World War II and passed them off as her own in order to further the Jewish political agenda and profit off of these fantastical tales,” Hunt, who is representing himself without an attorney, wrote in his lawsuit. “The defendants must not go unpunished for tormenting Gentiles and instilling hatred in Jews using such hideous lies.”

Well, FWIW — HER story IS real (and quite moving — buy the book) but ya gotta admit – Hunt does know a thing or two – from personal experience – about lie telling …

Like the big fat one he told at his 2008 sentencing where he shed crocodile tears and apologized and said he only knocked Wiesel around because he’d suffered a “severe mental breakdown” — not because he was a white supremacist shithead or anything.

“I had been sucked into anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on the Internet,” Hunt said at the time. “I don’t believe any of that garbage now that I’m taking my medication.”

Mmm HMMM … well then can someone get this FOOL his pills already so he can go and stay The Fuck AWAY?!?



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