The Fast (food) and The Furious

October 7, 2009 at 10:19 am 1 comment

I love it when some psych-ward reject losing his collective shit at a fast food joint because he didn’t get the VIP treatment!!!

THAT is quality entertainment all the way!

I mean, what greater hee hee is there than people who willingly become part of the cattle-call of carnivorous customers ordering chow from giant, plastic menus – only to bring a bargain-basement version of ‘Don’t you know who I am!?’ when the 10th grader behind the counter fails to move the slop on the chop-chop?!?

There is none!
It’s the best!!

Behold the wonderful whackjobs from this week and see what I mean!
Thursday, Massachusettes: Kentucky Fried Chicken
Two dumb skanks get their snots in a snit and brought the #$!**& you *&%!*ing #$!**&ety #$!**&s because their bucket o’ greasy chicken bits didn’t come out of the deep-fryer fast enough.
And, when another customer asked them to tone down the color-foodfightcommentary ‘for the sake of the children’ they brought a *&%!*ing beatdown so finger-lickin’ good that it got ’em 20 kinds of arrested.

Have fun at KFCounty lockup!

Tuesday, Miami: Taco Bell
Idiot asshat is annoyed that the Taco Bell he decided to visit at 3:40 in the morning is *SHOCK* closed for business – thus preventing him from getting his gordita!
The pissed-off patron cooled his chimichangas in the parking lot until the employees doing cleanup made a break for the homestead.
Bonehead put the kibosh on their run for the border by gettin’ his bang-bang on instead.

Cookie thinks someone needs to think outside the gun!

Those dives ain’t Le Dome, ya fuckin’ mo’s!!

Oh, but it’s ok … I can’t WAIT for the natural hilariosity of the kiddie riot when Carvel runs out of baseball nut!
::: is it wrong to pray for video? :::

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