Bitch, Please!

September 2, 2009 at 10:26 am

Demi Moore is a MASTER THESPIAN!!!

She IS!

In an interview for some crikety-crap, this trick actually sat there with a straight face superfibbin’ the following:
“It’s completely false – I’ve never had [plastic surgery]. But I would never judge those who have.”

Well of course not — all Master Thespians live by the glass house rule!
::: BTW – Demi’s facial doctoring alone is said to include chin implants, a nose job, eye lift, cheek implants and botox … you see it. :::

Fibber McGhee continued
‘… the day when I start crying when I look at myself in the mirror might be the day when I’m less adamant about not having it done.”

Uhhh huh … and that would be what – 15-20 years ago?!

Poor 45-year-old Demi must dmhshave added some super DUPER sniffy snax to her daily regimen of leech detox therapy, 54 Red Bulls and endless self-affirmation because – and we all know it’s believable – word on the street is she’s spent anywhere from $500,000 to $600,000 as of 2007 (NOT counting rhinoplasty and correction for a seriously wonkey eye back in the day)  ——->

dmkAnd just what do you get for that kind of money?
The Works, yo!
• Liposuction of the hips, inner and outer thighs and stomach
• Beast implants (Striptease, anyone?!?)
• Subsequent operation to reduce the breast implants and have a breast lift
• Brow lift
• Chemical facial skin peel
• Collagen injections
• Knee surgery

Personally, I don’t think Demi should be bothered people know believe she’s had stuff done.
Bitch can go full Joan Rivers and get a whole new face every couple of years for all I care!
It’s really all she’s got …



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