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August 18, 2009 at 10:53 am 7 comments

My name is Hamid Karzai.

I like being President of Afghanistan, bowing to political pressure and giving support to hubsters in my ‘hood who wanna get their spousal starvation on!


But true.

This is what happened:
Human Rights Watch discovered just last week that a revised version of the Shiite Personal Status Law had been *shhh* quietly put into effect at the end of July.

This is why it sucks dick (or, rather, why she has to):
The law gives Shiite men in Afghanistan the legal right to starve their wives if their sexual demands aren’t met. It also mandates that Shiite women must get their husband’s captor’s permission to even leave their houses, “except in extreme circumstances.”
::: and by ‘except in extreme circumstances’ they mean ‘except when he razor-rapes her and lights her hair on fire … THEN it’s ok to leave … maaaayyyybe’ :::

Oh but it doesn’t matter now.
See — unlike America where campaign promises go *POOF* as soon as the oath is orated — political allies in Afghanistan get to re-write whole laws ‘n shit if they have enough clout to keep your Ben Kingsley-looking ass in office.

asifmThis latest gem was the brainchild of that hot slut himself — Sheik Muhammad Asif Mohseni — the country’s most powerful Shiite cleric, who along with other ‘gina-haters were pretty pleased their ‘Bitch Better Blow Me Or It’s Starvation City!’ provision made it through, but reportedly had a serious Shiite-fit when their pedophilic plans to allow pervs to marry girls younger than 16 met with the legal hell naw.
::: Can’t win ’em all, gents! :::

H’i’mabit Kraizee signed the misogynistic measure because he’s an evil, soulless sellout dependent on support from Mohseni in this week’s presidential election.

Abdullah Abdullah, anyone? Anyone?



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    Well, I guess these bitches need to declare a Jihad on cock. That much is obvious.

  • 3. lifeisacookie  |  August 19, 2009 at 10:54 pm

    dam skr8!!

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    i wonder if i should comment on this? nah

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    You hot slut you!!

    How the heckyabeen, you big hunka burnin’ manflesh?!?!?

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    been busy storming town hall meetings and organizing tea parties. how about you?

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    We missed you Curious!

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