How do you say ‘Hypocrite’ in German?

August 3, 2009 at 12:46 pm 1 comment

Heuchler, is it?

The BBC is reporting that a Roman Catholic bank in Germany has the sorries after admitting it bought stocks for *oopsies!* tobacco, birth control and weapons companies.


These shocking revelations come after some reporter types over at Der Spiegel newspaper got their investigative journalism on and discovered that Germany’s Pax Bank had invested in the British arms company BAE Systems and that it also plopped the monies down for American baby blocker Wyeth and a few bakky pimps, just for good measure.
::: And you thought it was prayer keeping the church alive …  😉 :::

A bank spokesman admitted that the investments were “not in keeping with ethical standards” but mea culpa’d that the whole dreckig affäre was really just the sorry result of a clerical error, so it’s not like they were doing anything actually wrong.
“Unfortunately in a few internal reviews, the critical investments in question were overlooked – we deeply regret this.”

Well … ok then.
You didn’t mean to achieve super sinner status with your shifty stock selections. It was an accident!!!
All will be forgiven!!

Go, children … just be sure to say 17 Hail Marys, 12 Our Fathers, 4 Acts of Contrition an Anima Christi and throw in a couple Glory Be and Hail Holy Queens for the hooker and hooch investments yet to be uncovered.


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Minding their ‘business’ Which is worse?

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