Our life’s work – for nothing?

March 19, 2009 at 5:41 pm 2 comments

Lest you think you’re the only ones leveraging your kids’ futures to pay this month’s electric bill – BEHOLD!
The Great Depression 2.0 ™  – CHINA EDITION!


Those are the sad, sorry faces of thousands of job-seekers at one job fair in Hefei, Anhui province, China earlier this month.

That’s right, breadliners!
China’s economy’s in the shitter, too — JUST LIKE OURS!
*and all of Europe and the rest of Asia and Africa and, well, you get the point *

Know what else?
They’re doin’ stimulus, too — JUST LIKE US!! 

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said this week that his the government should waste no time in rolling out stimulus measures.
::: copycats :::

But do you know what they’re doing that’s not just like us?
Importing – shopping – bustin’ the bank.
::: ACK – actual conservatism – ick yuk pTOOEY!! :::

Shanghai-based research firm Data Driven Marketing Asia (DDMA) surveyed 602 ‘consumers’ in five Chinese cities and found that 12% of those surveyed had already lost their jobs and 45% were reducing personal spending because of their concerns about the economy.
::: … so much for America’s 4th largest export market! :::

 The idea that Chinese can pick up the slack now that American shopaholics have gone on the wagon is “rubbish when you look at it,” DDMA director Sam Mulligan says.

But wait — don’t they, like, have to?
China’s been our biggest supporter enabler!

They bought up hundreds of billions of dollars worth of our debt, which helped drive down our interest rates and THAT helped to grotesquely inflate the U.S. housing bubble that went KABLOWIE more than two years ago.
::: See? So obviously TOTALLY their fault! :::

Economists have long pondered whether the current global shitstorm was caused by what Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has called “a global savings glut” in China [and other East Asian countries] and oil-producing nations of the Middle East pushing money into the USA – OR by America’s excessive SUVMcMansionMachiato moneygrubbery over the last 10 or so years.

Well, fuck that quandary!
I mean, why waste time ‘pondering’ when it’s soooo easy just to point the finger!!

Let’s just [continue to] blame someone else for our fucked up mess, impose some wicked sanctions, get Gotti on their asses and be done with it already!

 What’s more American than that, right?

“We can’t get them to replicate Americans,” said Paul French, the British marketing director of research firm Access Asia.
::: oh :::

 “Americans are just so good at consumerism, like obesity and greenhouse gas emissions. Although the rest of us try, it is very hard to compete.”

HAHAHA – That’s right, bitches!

You mean worshipping at the alter of gluttony, greed and gross consumerism isn’t something everyone wants to do?

But we worked so hard at it!



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