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So I was drinki, uhh, talking with a friend last night about the recent employee standoff at Republic Windows and Doors and we were all ‘Power to the People’ and ‘Stick it to the Man’ and ‘Score one for the Little Guy’ and feeling pretty proud of the proletariat, which made me all ‘more mojitos!’ when my friend leaned in and confided that he, too, was taking part in just such an action this week.
::: SWISHY!!! :::

Seems some of the rank and file at the Associated Press are more than a little rankled that they’re not gettin’ management money-love, so now they’re all ‘No byline for you!’ and are waging a small-scale media mutiny.
::: cute :::

“They have the temerity to attempt a contractually obligated pay freeze next year,” my friend hissed through his teeth, “and then they want to further insult us with a paltry two percent raise after that? KNOWING we’re asking for – and, quite frankly, expecting to get – a proper 10! I mean really! Can you believe that fucking horseshit?!? Can you???”

Umm, like yeah and stuff?

Such an outwardly hostile sense of entitlement may lead you to assume he shoots for Donatella or Elie Saab … or AIG or Bank of America … but no. He’s AP.

And, in his defense, I must tell you that my friend has been away.

Far away.

He’s been working on a photography project in the Ardennes countryside – so he’s kind of new to this whole ‘world going to hell in a handbasket and taking the job/housing/banking/technology/andeverythingelsethatsustainsyou market with it’ thingamafuck the rest of us have been trudging through all year.

He didn’t get the memo about America’s new national employment policy:
Wage Freeze + Weensy Updward Rationing = Hopefully Potentially Possibly Maybe Being Able to Stay in Business Through the New Great Depression.

And, apparently, neither did some other folks.

“Staffers recognize the tough times, but they also understand that quality journalism at AP means attracting and retaining the best employees,” said Tony Winton, president of the News Media Guild

Now, anyone who knows me knows I am ALL FOR agitatin’ and pot stirrin’ and basically doing whatever it takes to be the biggest pain in the ass you can possibly be because, well, that’s just how I roll … AND I am ALL FOR MONEY!!! …  buuuutttt when
– you work in an economy that’s lost 1.9 million jobs this year (including more than 15,000 of your own brethren) …
– AND your company has already announced a 10% workforce reduction for the coming year …
– AND dues-paying members are so fed up with your company’s rate restructuring they’re defecting left and right …
– AND your competitors are aggressively teaming up against you and are nine THOUSAND kinds of eager to strike a deal with those former in-the-biz bffs …
– AND what little space remains in the ever-dwindling newshole of American media is quickly morphing from info- to ADVERtainment — effectively making moot your point of the perceived value of what , exactly, it is that you do for a living …

Umm, wow … I’m dizzy … where was I? … Oh yeah — my point!

I think that before I got on my talented and principled yet pompous and pampered high horse that I might consider taking a good long look around, getting myself a nice-sized clue and continuing to do the job I “didn’t get into for the money” but get paid well to do already …

… but that’s just me …

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  • 1. this buddy of mine  |  December 17, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    Maybe he can write about the UAW…oh wait, he better hurry before they are gone too

  • 2. lifeisacookie  |  December 17, 2008 at 6:31 pm

    Nah, he’s a snapper. The only thing he writes are cutlines 😉
    But I take your point 🙂

  • 3. curious  |  December 17, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    the united auto whiners? they are the ones that are standing in the way of a bail out deal. i wonder if ol’ smellyfinger is willing to work for $1 a year like wagoner said he would do? the union workers that are doing the big sit in at the window company are almost as productive as when they were employed. thats why they were moving their operations to a right to work state. thats why the foreign auto makers moved to the south. the uaw has bankrupted the auto industry.

    i worked for sikorsky aircraft when the moved their composite manufacturing to al. i would assemble parts in 15 minutes that allowed 4 hours to do. i could have done like the union guys and pumped out 2 parts per day and sit on my butt the rest of the day and made my 100%. i was raised much better than that. i remember the stratford supervisors asking me what i was doing that the union guys weren’t. i told them i was working. i have not held unions in very high regard since.

    i bet you knew i would say that. i also like to ruffle feathers too.

  • 4. lifeisacookie  |  December 18, 2008 at 11:03 am

    Wait. What?
    UAW?? How did my friend participating in the Associated Press workers stikelette translate to auto workers?

    Seriously — I don’t understand … and I’m totally sober! haha!

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