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August 18, 2008 at 6:07 pm

If you were — we’d LOVE to hear from you. Seriously — email!

Rumor has it that the dried-up, has-been country twanger you see here trotted out his geetawr and a whole mess o’ stupidass, inbred, backward whitebred retardation at a concert in Montgomery, Alabama over the weekend.
::: What? You expected L.A.? :::

Johnny Lee is said to have told what I imagine was a pretty gnarly assortment of mono-toothed, hilbillies:
“They’re going to turn the Rose Garden at the White House into a watermelon patch.”
::: I am sooo telling Shelly! :::

Folks who were there also say Lee told the crowd that my boyfriend wouldn’t even be alive today to run for president if his parents had obeyed the miscegenation laws.
::: My guess is that Lee wouldn’t be alive today if his mom hadn’t pigfucked behind the barn on bailin’ day :::

Toby Keithification: 1
Hopification: 0
::: sad face :::


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