Heavy (aqua)Petting

July 22, 2008 at 1:22 pm

I’ve been buying my toys at the wrong store!

Hugs and kisses go out to my green-eyed friend for *ahem* turning me on to what just may be the ‘must have’ nightstand accessory for women everywhere: The Dora The Explorer Aquapet.
::: muy atractivo!! :::

Seriously! Check that bad bitch OUT!
::: muy caliente!! :::

Mad props have got  to go to the creative team!

Can’t you just picture the process? A jumble of bodies packed together in a small room, everyone taking turns stroking the initial idea … working long and hard for hours at a time … fingers caressing the growing shape … massaging the concept until this final, beautiful design burst forth in a flood of their collective creative juices!!!!

::: hhhhohyeeaaahhhhhhh ….. :::


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