A study in getting one’s message across

July 3, 2008 at 6:15 pm

A 22-year-old naval officer walks out of a bar in Jacksonville (no – this isn’t a joke) … and heads right into the International House of Pain!
:::Ka-POW biatch! :::

Authorities say someone knocked the barely-legal boozer unconscious and then proceeded to get medieval on his ass, ehhh, midsection.

Someone” turned dude’s abs into a crimson-themed art project by carving the words ‘Wife Beater’ into his skin.
::: owweeeEE — but HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! but NO, it’s not funny –  this is a serious crime that happe … heheHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! :::

The human canvass – who was arrested on domestic battery charges back in March – woke up some time later all woozy in the noggin’, looked down and went, ‘well hell — if that ain’t the dangdest thing! My shirt’s all bloody! What’s up with that?!?’ – at which point he lifted said shirt and got a fine howdoyoudo!
::: Ahh Karma: Nature’s Watchdog:::

It must be said that Exhibit A hasn’t been convicted on the domestic battery charge but my thinking is who cares that if “someone” really wants to get “someone’s” message across …
if “someone” really  wants to help prevent future beatdowns, bitchslaps, black eyes and busted lips from happening to “someone’s” loved one — then “someone” needs to cut it with the pansy scratchy-scratch, get serious and BRAND THAT BITCH!
* You don’t sleep through that action!
::: SIZZLIN’!!!! :::

Trust me – there’s nothin’ quite like a little good-natured, old-fashioned, middle-of-nowhere Prairie Justice for wife beaters, child touchers, animal abusers, Republicans and the other unsavory dregs and wretches who walk among us.


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