Let’s start a rumor

July 1, 2008 at 8:29 pm

Colin Powell and Barack ObamaSo Barry had a top-secret, hush-hush chatfest with retired Gen. Colin Powell two weeks ago where they talked about how to plump the ‘conomy; save the rainforests and heal the planet.

Speculation has it ol’ Pow Pow is deciding who gets his coveted thumbs-up but I  think O’Beautiful was totally feelin’ CoPo out about a Veep run.

You KNOW  he was! Wouldn’t you?
I would.

But The People’s Prince better watch out! Colin may just be a bit of a switch-hitter. His spokesperson confirmed he met with Big Mack the week before he met with O’Yummy.

::: I wonder if they talked about how to whiten those yellow Chiclets ol’ Mav is flashin’? :::


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