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Trivial Tidbit

This is what $9 looks like these days at the ol’ stadium pub …
This guy must have either been rich or they do it differently at Turner Field …

9 dollars at the stadium

May 25, 2008 at 6:06 pm

Veterans, Schmeterans?!?

Baseball was on our minds this weekend as we tried to take in a little Saturday Night ballgame … but our thoughts quickly turned to America’s injured veterans.
Remembering all veteransNot because it’s Memorial Day weekend but because we had the pleasure of sharing some rain-delay drinky-drink with South Florida Task Force K-9 Handler Johnny Lane and his friends.

Johnny is a good-looking, broad-smile fella who has that look – that twinkle that lets you know this is a dude who knows how to have some serious fun.
Johnny’s also a veteran who sustained a leg injury during one of his stints protecting whiney asses like me (did I get that right, Santiago?) who get a little sideways about the hypocritical way our government treats returning soldiers.

Needless to say, Johnny and I had shit to discuss.

Veterans with disabilities get the short-shaft on a lot of things. Just ask guys like Johnny who don’t get the same treatment as those without. There are A LOT of them!

In fact, since 2001, the number of disabled veterans has jumped by 25 percent.
So what?
Well – in the six years before 9-11- we saw an increase of only 4 percent.
umm, ya …

An estimated 180,000 veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are collecting disability benefits. And, of the 1.8 million American men and women who have served in these conflicts, it is estimated that as many as 300,000 may be suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome or depression. In total, there are some three million living disabled American veterans.

So, if you’re a business doing a Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day promotion … if you’re a teevee station airing a piece on the sacrifices of our soldiers … if you’re a restaurant giving away freebies to our men and women in uniform … if you’re a legislator looking to add something to the GI Bill or Veteran’s Administration budget … try to make sure you include ALL of our veterans in those accolades, honors and giveaway goodies, ‘kay?

Doesn’t always happen, but it’s a damned good goal to reach for.

May 25, 2008 at 3:03 pm 3 comments


Old and Busted: Mariah Carey-, Ashlee Simpson-, Star Jones-style shallow relationships/media-managed nuptials, complete with pre-nup drama, divorce over/unders and preggo rumors (well, except for YOU, Star 😉

New Hotness: Celebrity couples involved in, like, for real, serious, long-term relationships who don’t whore out their lurve to every gossip rag or teevee show in town!

They’re rare, but they do exist!


robert redford and fianceeOne such couple? Robert Redford and his German artist girlfriend Sibylle Szaggars, who have been together more than a decade and got engaged this week.

Something tells me these two crazy kids just might have a shot!!

Redford and Szaggars, who is 19 years younger, have been together since 1996.

The 71-year-old actor – who has been wed once before – told German magazine Bunte: “We are engaged and very happy with that. Sibylle is my fiancee and that says everything, doesn’t it?”

Awwww … old people are cute

May 24, 2008 at 11:18 am

How will Bush ‘celebrate’ Memorial Day?

Iraq Military Casualties of War - the children

As Americans get ready for their much-anticipated three-day weekend Monday’s observance of the Memorial Day holiday, one naturally wonders … ‘How does our President plan to honor the fallen for whom he is directly responsible?’

Iraq Military Casualties of War

Whatever contrived public display of insincere emotion he is scripted feels compelled to show, we hope he is haunted by the fact that — as of Thursday, May 22, 2008 — at least 4080 members of the U.S. military have died in the Iraq war since it began in March 2003. Shall we talk about the others?

Fallen US Soldiers

Yeah, those are oursMission Accomplished, indeed.

PEACE, fucker!

May 23, 2008 at 10:14 pm 4 comments

Senate to Bush: Suck it, beeyatch!

Thumbs UPIt just may be the vote heard ’round the world … or maybe not —  but I don’t care … I’m fucking ELATED!

In a ‘we-do-have-balls-after-all’ vote that highlighted, put in bold text and underscored President Bush‘s diminished standing, the Senate thumbed its collective nose at his veto threat and added tens of billions of dollars for veterans and the unemployed to his Iraq war spending bill.

::: boo-YA :::

A majority of Republicans gave the proverbial hand to the Shrubster on a haha-where’s-your-veto-NOW-suckah 75-22 vote.
Even more shocking?
Those very same Repubs were voting in favor of adding more than $10 billion for domestic programs like heating subsidies for *gasp*  POOR PEOPLE, as well as other Bushy non-faves like health research and infrastructure (you know, so maybe not quite as many bridges will crush future voters to death …)

Democrats were seen high-fiving and back-slapping each other all over Capitol Hill.

Oh sure, sure .. I know it’s still got to be passed  and all to become law and who the hell knows what’ll be done during the extreme makeover all good and decent proposals must undergo in order to become passable — but it’s a start, goddammit!

It’s a start! And after being held hostage for eight long years of progressive blight brought upon by the Texas Twit and his dungeonmaster, Dickless Chaingang — I am thankful for this wee little ray of potential legislative sunlight and I don’t mind saying so!


Can I have more Kool-Aid now?

May 22, 2008 at 10:42 pm

Jesus Saves

Jesus At WorkWell, at least according to these two pilots from New Zealand who ran out of fuel in their microlight airplane during flight.

With their home-made plane’s engine sputtering convulsively, they didn’t freak out, point fingers or question why no one made sure the craft had an appropriate level of fuel for their journey. No, no … they did what all experienced, Christian avaiators do in moments of crisis:
They buckled knuckles and gave mad props to the big guy upstairs.

::: God? If you save me from a painful and fiery death, I PROMISE I’ll be a first-pew every Sunday guy from now on!!!! :::

… and the fine finger of God appeared and guided them to a safe landing in a field … right next to a sign reading, “Jesus is Lord.”

God’s not into irony, he just wants some friggin’ credit!

“When we saw that [sign], we started laughing,” pilot Grant Stubbs said.

And God got pissed and smote him for his insolence.

HAHAHA — I kid …

… but he could have.

May 22, 2008 at 4:57 pm 2 comments

Kabisa si kali

No Witches Allowed‘Member that Pasco County Florida substitute teacher who was fired for ‘performing wizardry’ in the classroom after word leaked out he’d shown the kiddies a 30-second magic trick where he made a toothpick disappear and then reappear?


Had he pulled that stunt in Kenya he’d have found out tout de suite that the ol’ hocus pocus’ll get you juuusst a bit more than some bureaucratic slap on the wrist.

They get pretty hot about that kind of shit in Kenya.
In fact, earlier today a roving mob of crazies burned to death 15 women accused of performing witchcraft.

I’m bettin’ they were suspected of a bit more than making small pieces of wood vanish but it still sounds like someone’s been listening to a little too much Sacred Steel

May 21, 2008 at 4:42 pm

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