Mother Turned Loose In Mall, Stupidity Ensues

May 5, 2008 at 3:52 pm

Oh gawd, another breeder got out of her cage and had a public freak out when slapped in the face with the harsh reality of the modern world. Can’t someone keep this ‘gina’s inside?!?

UR Mom Iz Stoopid CafePress shirtShe didn’t lose it over the high cost of gasoline.
She didn’t spaz over funding cuts for schools or go apeshit over the epidemic of suicides among soldiers returning from Iraq.

No, no, no … Sally Suburbia went all disturbia over the title of some books at a store in her local mall.

Yeeeaaaaahhhhhh …

It happened in Lynnwood, Washington when Moron Mommy Marci Milfs went to Urban Outfitters to buy her pweshuss teenage teetsucker son some clothes. But, alas, her credit carnival was ruined because there were all these scandalous books all over the store with titles like “Porn for Women” (which is a photo book showing men doing *GASP* housework) and Stephen Colbert’s “I Am America (And So Can You).”

“When I saw it, I was shocked,” said Milfs, who has an obvious zero tolerance policy when it comes to irony and sarcasm.
::: stop snickering at her last name — we get it too but she doesn’t (and probably hasn’t in a looooong time) :::

In fact, this dumbass is so concerned that today’s little innocents might just see the word ‘porn’ while shopping for new cords or board shorts and be instantly stricken blind by the Good Lord in Heaven that she is planning to detonate a doomed, comical, ill-informed one-woman bitchbomb on community leaders, government officials and anyone else who’s job it is to suffer fools like her.
::: stop pondering what’s screwing up today’s youth — you have your answer and it starts at home :::

I must admit I’m feelin’ kinda sorry for her kid right now. That dude has got to be one effed up pansy!

Oh, and just a word of caution to those community leaders, government officials and anyone else who’s job it is to suffer fools such as this — you better hope this bitch never makes it to Abercrombie & Fitch.


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