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April 8, 2008 at 1:30 pm 1 comment

The Weekly Prediction at Life Is A Cookie

In two years the board governing the Pulitzer Prize awards will create a category purely for online content.

I decree it. It is so.


Joe Strupp of Editor and Publisher talked with Pulitzer Administrator Sig Gissler, who discounted but did not completely rule out an online category. (did anyone else hear that door open?)

This year’s journalism submissions, which were down slightly from last year, included between 15% and 20% online content.

“I think this will be growing, papers are getting better at integrating online elements,” Gissler said. 

The Pulitzers began to accept online entries in all categories last year, except photography, which again requires still images, no video.

“Online figured in the Public Service category entries, and there was an extensive slide show in that package,” Gissler said of the Post’s Walter Reed Army Hospital entry. “The [Post’s] breaking news reporting of the Virginia Tech. tragedy also had an online element.”

Gissler said that 44% of Public Service entries had an online component, while 25% of investigative and explanatory entries did. Asked if the awards would ever create a Web-only category, Gissler said, “we have no plans, but we are carefully monitoring it. The question is to what extent do you depart from the intention of the Pulitzer Prize.” 

But that’s NOT the question because it wouldn’t necessarily BE a departure.

From the Pulitzer website:

… sensitive to the dynamic progression of his society [Joseph] Pulitzer made provision for broad changes in the system of awards. He established an overseer advisory board and willed it “power in its discretion to suspend or to change any subject or subjects, substituting, however, others in their places, if in the judgment of the board such suspension, changes, or substitutions shall be conducive to the public good or rendered advisable by public necessities, or by reason of change of time.”


Don’t fight it guys – it’s coming.

I decree it. It is so.

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