Hope she’s calling her lawyer

April 3, 2008 at 8:29 pm

Naomi Campbell should go to jailBitch is so going to jail.

It would be the best thing for her. Seriously. Lock her up!

Press reports said the asshole bitch supermodel was arrested after assaulting a police officer at Heathrow Airport.

As the Times Online story goes, “she was hauled away from First Class Lounge of Terminal 5 “ranting and screaming” over a lost bag.  … Police were called to deal with the incident and reports say she was heard screaming “get off me, leave me alone” before she allegedly assaulted one officer and was taken away to Heathrow police station.”

And by ‘assulted’ we mean ‘spit on’. Naomi keeps it classy like that.

I wonder what goes through the judge’s mind who gave her bitchassness (sorry Diddy, this one fits) that measly five days with anger management classes as punishment for giving her assistant an At&T beatdown last year …

Naomi once blamed her bitchiosity on lingering resentment toward her father for abandoning her as a child.

Yeah, I’ll bet her Burberrys and Hermés’ are drenched from all the tears she cries for herself.

Me? Not so much. 

Tyra would never approve of this behavior!!

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Guess what? Now everyone knows you’re a loser! Odd man out

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