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April 2, 2008 at 3:24 pm 1 comment

News FlashGood news!

Stupid, lazy journalism isn’t a sign of the times, after all! Yay!
Fact checking didn’t just become passé! Woo hoo!!
Publishing rumor as fact didn’t just become acceptable! Awesome!!!

So all you whiners over at angryjournalist.com just get over yourselves already, ‘kay? You did not invent (nor have you protected) responsible journalism from it’s bastard brother, so shuddit with the boo hoos.

Especially YOU – Angry Journalist #2858, who vents:
“I’m disappointed that the media has become lazy and nobody investigates anymore.”
HAHAHAHAHAHA – become? Tee hee hee, ha ha ha, hee hee, oh, my side hurts

Dear, sweet, demented reporter — the ‘creative’ approach to ‘journalism’ goes back at LEAST 35 years, according to toxic human leatherbag Keith Richards, who jokingly told some reporters back in the day that he was getting the mammal’s version of an oil change.

Pincushioned by heroin, Richards was at a London airport (on his way to work shit out in Switzerland) back in 1973 when he told some reporters he was gonna lick his drug habit by getting’ all new blood! That’s how the rockers used to roll.

These guys in raincoats (journalists) wanted to know what I was doing. I just threw the words out, ‘I’m gonna get my blood changed.’ It stuck. It became real. I never had my blood changed, I just got clean.”

Richards recently told World Entertainment News Network that he’s amazed the lie story has endured all these years. Awww – that’s cute.

Baby Boomers actually remember the olden times when ‘The News’ was, like, really real and stuff.
They also remember nickel-a-gallon gasoline, 2¢ soda and gettin’ the crops in using the Farmer’s Almanac, but we don’t worry about the Geritol Generation here and Angry Journalist #2508 tells us why:

“… three years ago during a story meeting, someone mentioned blogs and our senior editor said, “What a blog?” “

I’d say he figured it out when they fired his out-of-touch Boomer ass!
Then he put on the Cape of Righteous Indignation and he became Angry Journalist #2858!!


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  • 1. Kenneth D. Toumey  |  April 2, 2008 at 6:34 pm

    Nice post! I totally agree with you! These weeping journalists (they are not working people you know, they are “journalists”!) haven’t got a clue. So many just have no idea of the subjects to which they are assigned. For example, a non political example, I am in the real estate business and have had tons of contact with business and real estate journalists….and absolutely none have a clue about the business. Thank god for the web and blogs!

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