Dammit Damita!

March 12, 2008 at 1:36 pm 3 comments

Janet Jackson cancelled her lip-synching appointment appearance on this week’s Saturday Night Live because she has the ‘flu’ — and by the ‘flu’ we mean ‘huge drug problem’.

According to TMZ,  Damita Jo (Mizz Jackson, if yer nastee) dropped out of gyrating and lip synching performing on SNL after being taken to a Los Angeles hospital complaining of shortness of breath.

Someone, somewhere is planning a prayer vigil, I’m sure. But when you look like this when whoring yourself out to the media promoting your album and like this when you’re not – I think it’s pretty safe to assume there are mountains of cocaine, diet pills and Red Bull involved. Helllooooo??? She was already flirtin’ with the chunk when snapped earlier in the week leaving Katsuya in Hollywood — you see it, don’t act like you don’t.

And really — what the hell is going on here? She doesn’t even look like a human being here but rather some kind of rubberized skanked out Real Doll. It’s just creepy, ‘kay?

Janet, you are the normal Jackson, as weetawded as that sounds. So no more shenanigans. No more ballyhoo. You have been the ‘go-to’ Jackson for years, the one we rarely had to worry about. But you’re kind of freakin’ us out lately and we must implore you to stop being so, umm,  ‘Jacksony’ … transcend beyatch!!

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