Time Machine Tuesday!!

March 4, 2008 at 9:28 pm

Remember when you were a kid and it was so fun to hop on the old bike and ride to the store for a Mountain Dew and a honey bun? You don’t? Well, that’s probably because you were a spoon-fed lazy ass. Move on, this post ain’t for you.

For the REST of us … think back to those grand old days of freedom in the days before incessant scheduling, mounting bills and shouldering the weight of the world took their toll on you (and your face – my god — what the hell happened to you!) ….

Gas is too expensivethink back to that lost tranquility of youth …

Enough! You can’t stay there, so let’s not get comfy, mkay pumpkin?

Now think back, but not as far … think back to the year 2005 when gas was around $2 a gallon and a writer for Wired magazine theorized how ‘beneficial’ $5 a gallon gasoline would be for America because it would force the powers that be to focus on alternative energy. (hahahahaha!!!) Was he a visionary? Was he a trendsetter? Was he ahead of his time?

Hell no! He was clearly an idiot, pie-in-the-sky liberal commie pinko twit who didn’t know shit about America! It’s profit or die here, commie scum — and THAT is no theory! THAT is the time-tested, bona fide truthism we have come to know after 8 years of George W Tyranny.

I do, however, think it would be cool to sit down with the prognosticator who wrote this article and ask him what he thinks NOW that a quarter of his take-home pay is going into his gastank every two weeks … but I don’t think he’d let me in his treehouse …

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