February 26, 2008 at 4:55 pm

Coffee starbucks is closingWhat?!? OMG, this is so totally fabulous I just cannot STAND myself right now! I mean, I’m TOTALLY READY for Starbucks to close for their employees to do drugs employee training or whatever it is that they’re doing in there behind closed doors (MAJOR drugs) at ALL of their locations today, but yeah, I’m ready!!  I mean, you know, I have a headache right now and my ears are ringing but that’s ok because I’m ready!!! I started free-basing coffee this morning around 5 in preparation for the scant few hours the evil brew-tators at Starbucks are going to FORCE me to not have any because they are selfishly shutting down to do something really sinister and sneaky like “employee training” which anyone who drinks it black knows is code for cocaine (Joe — Joey … come ON people!!!)!!!! But you know, whatever right?!? I mean I’m fine, goddammit!! I’ve had some capps and some fraps and then I had some double lattes and some more capps and it’s all good right now!!!!! I mean, I have to pee and all and my head hurts … Wha … WHO SAID THAT?!? ACK — what was I saying before tha … oh yeah, I am READY for those evil coffee fuckers to close up shop this evening (you guys better PROMISE me it’s only for a little while though!!!!!) Oh yeah, I’m even excited about it! Yuh huh …  Really!!!!!!! I mean, my heart is beating SO FAST right now you wouldn’t believe it. It’s really cool!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

… is your room spinning too?

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