C(an’t) B(e) S(erious)!

February 18, 2008 at 9:52 pm 1 comment

CBS shows are getting dumb and dumber
The show’s name is Big Brother — but is anyone actually watching (or listening to) the libelous, actionable garbage what these fucktards are doing while the cameras roll? Seriously CBS — where are you?

First we have Idges 1 & 2 gettin’ their BJ on, then we have this guy disparaging an entire group of people because they’re what? Different? Dude — get a mirror and then buy yourself a clue … these are your 15 minutes … use them wisely. Fur Realz! You know there is a group forming in a downtown Boynton rec center right now devising a plan to hunt your ass DOWN as soon as your booted out of that house.

And CBS? Have you truly learned nothing the last four years since Janet’s 90-year-old booby popped out  on national television?

Or maybe you (Les Moonves) don’t realize that — to middle America — allowing people to pay to follow the sexcapades, nipple twists and head-sucking ‘outtakes’ online makes you anything less than a porn distributor.


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