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January 29, 2008 at 10:12 pm

The Florida primary elections were held today and I did my part by getting up early to vote before arriving at work at 8 this morning.

I Voted TouchscreenFlorida, long known for fucking up elections far and wide (hanging chad, anyone?) actually put on a nice show today. A few glitches, but an otherwise smooth day as voter turnout reflected an attitude of ‘I actually give a shit this time’ among the populace.


Driven in part by a very controversial property tax amendment (I voted Yes on One, thankyouverymuch), elections officials in Tallahassee predicted a high turnout statewide.

The turnout is important for Democrats because it will cast light on just how deeply the candidates’ messages are getting across with voters who listen, read and remember (not just those who are swayed by attack ads and innuendo).

Tomorrow morning — after having none of the candidates campaign here or run TV ads or pander to us in any way — all of America will be able to see just how we think Hillary Clinton measures up against Obama Barack and John Edwards in a state that demographically mirrors the nation as a whole … that is if Florida doesn’t fuck up this election too …

Did I make freedom count? We’ll see …

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