Y’all ain’t gonna BELIEVE this shit!

January 24, 2008 at 12:50 am

Ok Tater — I’m gonna need you to sit right down there in the lawn chair on your porch and take a drink from that 40, ‘kay?

This is some heavy shit and you need to numb your brain prepare for what you are about to be told. You ready steady?George Bush is a liar 

He’s been lying to you.

Saddam Hussein is not now nor was he ever the king of Iraq or the consolidated Middle East Union and he is not orchestrating a new and improved al Qaeda style, 9/11-type mission by loading anthrax-laced WMDs into the cargo hold of Delta flight 743 (nonstop service to whatever American architectural icon people would most like to not see blown to smithereens). He has not recruited Fidel Castro’s army full of infidel, pinko commies, (the very army, for the record, which was not trained under the watchful eye of Osama bin Laden in the rugged hillside terrain along the Iran/Afghanistan coastal region with money and a weapons cache not provided by Hussein’s non-cousin/lovechild Obama Hussein Barack (lovingly not called Barry for short). 

Yes, it’s all been lies — and that’s the truth. 

That exact sort of lame-ass, fucktarded plate full bullshit has been spoonfed to America just about every day (935 times, to be precise) over the last 7 or so years according to a study released this week by two nonprofit journalism groups.

Yummy, right? I know, it’s hard.

But I did try to tell you years ago that the WMD claim was bogus. I pleaded with you to learn to read so that you could better understand that bin Laden and Hussein are, in fact, two different people. Oh, there were so many times I tried to hold your hand and open your eyes to the fact it was more than a possibility that your hillbilly president was lying to you. But you didn’t believe me, Tater.  Do you believe it now?

Well, I guess I’ll know the answer to that question if I see you take off the nine hundred and eleven American Flag static stickers and the ‘These colors don’t run’ sign from the F150.


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