Yup, it’s THAT bad!

January 14, 2008 at 7:33 pm

It’s official – even Floridians don’t like Florida.

Results for the second-annual Sunshine State Survey show that more than half of those asked feel life in Florida is worse today than it was five years ago (yathinks??), and 37 percent think the decline will continue during the next five years.

Why the gloomy outlook, sourpusses? Could it be the ever-increasing property taxes and homeowners insurance fees? (Big ups to Hurricane seasons 2004 and 2005 and ineffective government for those!!) Florida sucks it sucks to live in FloridaMaybe it’s our subpar public schools? Possibly the sharp decline in the overall quality of life?

Ding, ding, ding!!! We have winners — the list is long indeed. There are many factors contributing to the feeling that the future of those living in the Sunshine State sucks the big one doesn’t look very bright.

After one year, the survey uncovered a significant shift in how Floridians feel about living here. Last year, 36 percent said life in Florida was worse than it had been five years earlier. Today, the number has jumped to 43 percent. Meanwhile, the number of people who think life in Florida is better now than five years ago fell to just 15 percent, from 18 percent a year ago.

Putting those stats together shows that pessimists outnumbered optimists 2-to-1 last year — and 3-to-1 this year.

As a result, one in three Floridians would tell a loved one or friend not to move to the once-vaunted Sunshine State (I’m one of those one in three), and one in five is seriously considering moving elsewhere. (OMG — me again!)

Why hey there Florida {wink} … yew shur ahr purtee but ahh’m jess nawt thaht intew yew ehnee moe-wer.

(sound it out bitches!)

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