January 11, 2008 at 4:36 pm

Who would have thought that mere days into the new year we would have our second Father of the Year award nominee!!

This mega-worthy sonofabitch hails from Winter Haven, Florida (HOLLA!!) Bad Father 

He earned his FOTY cred by beating his infant daughter to death over a period of four months (which was basically her entire sad little existence on the planet).

When asked why he would DO such a thing, Marcos Gomez-Romero told cops he wanted a son.

I’m sure little Ariana’s mother just can’t wait to get another shot at making daddy happy.

And, just by way of recapping — our first FOTY nominee was a resident of lower-Alabama who tossed his babies off an 80-foot high bridge to show the little missus who’s boss.

Ladies — mark your calendars because I’m thinking these fine gents are going to be back on the market in 8-10! Then when the Jerry Springer audience asks ‘who’s your baby daddy?’ you can confidently reply ‘Inmate No. 93876642, bitches!!’


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I hope there was no raspberry filling! Yup, it’s THAT bad!

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